When was the last time you purchased your favourite products from an online store? Most likely while travelling to and fro from your office, sitting at a cafe enjoying a cup of coffee or spending the day in bed, browsing and buying the products you like. Yes, you made most of your purchases on the go and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Then why expect a different behaviour from your target market? When online shoppers rely on mobile content, then why not optimize your strategy to include exactly that? In this post, we’re going to look at why it is important for eCommerce businesses to create mobile content and how to do so.

According to a study by Think With Google, 64% of consumers use search engines to look for brand alternatives when looking for a product. There are also a good 46% who are checking reviews and ratings a brand has received and some who are just looking for redeemable coupons for their purchase.

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Now imagine a scenario – A shopper walks into your store looking for a specific product. Your salesman is trying very hard to sell the in-stock products to this shopper by actively engaging with him. But he turns to his mobile to show you that there are other variants of the product available or something that he is specifically looking for from your brand.

‘Turning to his mobile’ – this is where you make or break your sale.

A general approach of the shopper will be to quickly type in your brand name, the product he liked and some specifications on the search engine. If your online store or in-store isn’t going to rank in the results, you’re simply going to lose that sale to someone else offering the same product at a different price or with more variants.

While it is still your brand, why lose a sale simply because you couldn’t promote your own products better than the others? Or didn’t offer an experience that the customers found worthy?

Well, here are a few ways to ensure you don’t disappoint your mobile shoppers and boost your sales:

1. Make sure your blog is mobile optimized

Blogging is one of the most effective tactics that eCommerce stores have been using to boost their sales. From shopping guides to season specific trends and styling tips, online stores have been sharing content that helps their target audience make better purchase decisions. Well, optimize your blog for mobile devices because people like us are always on the move and looking for what’s new!

We found a great post on B2C by Kaitlin on optimizing your blogs for mobile and you can read it right here.

2. Don’t forget about optimizing your site

Alright, you have your blog all set but if you want to lead the traffic to sales, you need to optimize your online store as well. Start with what functionalities you can offer effectively to your mobile visitors, optimize the way product details and descriptions get displayed. Every little functionality and piece of content on your site makes a difference to your sales. Most importantly, the checkout process and the payment gateway. You want to make it as easy as possible to get the best of results.

3. Create an on-site retargeting campaign

Not all your mobile visitors will be able to find the products they are looking for or might not see the latest range you just added. Make sure they do so before leaving your site with a mobile optimized Exit Bee campaign. Based on the products they have shown interest in or the source from where they are coming, create highly personalized campaigns that help you get more sales instantly.


4. Optimize all your emails

Since most of your audience is surfing on the go, it is also important to make sure that all your outreach is as optimized. Instead of just sticking to responsive templates for your emails, go the extra mile to optimize them further. Make it even simpler for them to click through your mail to reach your store if they are interested in what you’re offering. The easier it is, the greater are the number of sales.

5. Mark your presence on popular social channels

If you think being active and running a few advertisements on Facebook and Instagram is all you need to do to grab your audience’s attention, think again. Look for creative ways to make use of channels like Snapchat, live videos, etc to direct your followers towards making a purchase. The idea is to make your product look so valued that they can’t say no to it! Popular brands like ONLY and others often host sneak peeks on their accounts to give their audience something to look forward to as well as share amongst their friends.

6. Turn your mobile site into a PWA

Let’s face it, all eCommerce businesses don’t have the budget to create mobile apps for their customers. But why lose out on all those possible sales when you have a work around? Turn your mobile site into a progressive web app that allows you to send push notifications to your subscribers in real-time every now and then. Focus on sending notifications based on the last interaction with the subscriber, and you’ll only see your sales soar.

Your mobile visitors have different purchase triggers and preferences from most of your desktop shoppers, and they expect to be offered a seamless experience. So make sure no matter what you do, you don’t give your visitors a reason to complain ever!

Ready to turn your mobile visitors into sales and customers?

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