The growth of the eCommerce industry has been exponential the world over. There are hundreds of new stores being launched every day – while some of them become a known brand name in their niche, there are others that have been running sneakily in the consumer market.

As a consumer, the number of choices available to us is definitely great news. But as an online store owner, these increasing number of stores are making it difficult to reach the right target market, acquire customers and retain them.

Even though most online stores are able to drive a consumer’s attention to their site once, they often end up losing them in minutes.

The reason?

Lack of timely engagement.

Shopify is the one platform that enables people to take their products online and reach their global market. Their expansive user base is the proof to how simple they make the whole process for a business owner.

But simpler also means that there are more people who are able to establish their online business. So when you get their attention, how do you make sure they convert before leaving your store or make some kind of interaction that helps you figure them out as an individual?

Exit intent for Shopify stores

A typical online shopper has the attention span of just a few minutes. They tend to browse through the category of products that interest them for a while and leave without exploring what else the shop has to offer.

That’s where exit intent campaigns come in.

Exit intent campaigns have proven to be an effective tool for online stores, to draw their visitor’s attention to something that makes him more likely to convert – before he leaves from any of the pages of the store.

Let’s give you a few examples of the same.

1. Exit intent for cart recovery

The average documented cart abandonment rate is as high as 69% for most stores. These are people who have added products to their cart, but abandoned them during checkout and left without making the purchase.

Exit intent campaigns can help recover these customers by grabbing their attention with the right message just before they leave.

Be it notifying them of the limited stocks of your products to create a sense of urgency or simply offering them an additional discount to complete the purchase at that moment, the campaign makes the visitor stay back a little longer and consider making the purchase.

For example, offered an additional 8% discount on the cart total to anyone who was leaving from their checkout process. This reduced their cart abandonment by 40%!

motoraid cart abandonment exit bee

Another example is that of the House of Blouse. They wanted to make sure they had the visitor’s information as well, so they targeted these cart abandoners with a 2-step exit intent campaign – share your email address in lieu of the discount coupon.


2. Exit intent for product recommendations

We all know it’s practically impossible to go through all the products and their variants being offered at an online store – then how can you expect anything different from your store’s visitors?

Exit Bee uses a technology that tracks a store visitor’s movements right from the time he lands on it. It takes note of the web pages he visits to understand his intent and what he is looking for on your store.

Using this data, you can create product recommendation campaigns that nudge a visitor to check out the other options available to him before leaving.

For example, if I am browsing through t-shirts and decide to leave without making any purchase, you can retarget me with a campaign recommending the fastest selling or the most popular t-shirts on your store.

product recommendations (1)

This type of campaign doesn’t just get more of your products discovered, but also increases the chances of a visitor completing a purchase.

3. Exit intent for newsletter subscriptions

Email marketing is one of the most effective channels for an online store to get sales from. It gives them an opportunity to promote products ‘directly’ to a subscriber and nudge him towards making a purchase from the store. But the challenge is in growing an email list!

Since consumers are always skeptical about sharing their contact information right away with a business, give them time to explore the store before asking for their emails.

Exit intent technology only targets a visitor when he is about to leave – clearly when he is done browsing through your online store. If the visitor has seen value in your store’s offering, he automatically becomes more likely to convert on the campaign before leaving!


4. Exit intent for promoting products/ sales

Just like exploring the different variations of a product available on your store, a typical shopper might not also go to the extent of checking out the popular sales running at a given point of time. If it’s a great deal, he certainly shouldn’t be missing out on it. Right?

Using Exit Bee, you can predict a visitor’s exit intent and use the opportunity to retarget him with a campaign that promotes a new product or an ongoing sale.

A sale or a special discount is always worth a shopper’s attention!

For example, Viari used an exit intent campaign to promote their sale on leather belts to those who were leaving without visiting those pages.

The campaign reduced their store’s bounce rates, got their discounted products discovered and bagged them a lot of sales!


5. Exit intent for product surveys

The only way to get more sales for your online store – understand what your customers are looking for and cater to their needs accordingly. That’s where conducting surveys comes in to get first hand feedback from your store’s visitors!

When you understand why people are leaving your store without making a purchase, you’re able to implement changes that will better their experience the next time – or that of people like them who come to your store.

exit bee smart surveys

6. Exit intent to boost social follow and sharing

Social media is one of the biggest platforms to get more sales on as well as keep your customers engaged. But don’t we all often forget following an online store we just purchased from on a social channel?

Well, that’s why successful eCommerce businesses make use of exit intent campaigns. They use it to nudge the visitor to follow them on social media before leaving the site – if the visitor has completed a purchase or liked what your store has to offer, he sure will follow you on social media!

You can also use the campaign to encourage a visitor to share products on his social channels in lieu of a discount, and get some word-of-mouth promotion going for you!

But, personalization matters.

If you thought that implementing an on-site exit intent retargeting campaign will get you more customers, you’re wrong. The level of personalization behind your campaigns is what defines the number of conversions you will be getting from it.

That is why Exit Bee focuses on sharing visitor insights with you. It lets you understand where your visitors are coming from, what they are looking for, what device they are using and much more, that enables you to create holistic customer segments and profiles smartly for your marketing campaigns.

It lets you retarget different segments of your visitors that come in with different needs, with highly personalized exit intent campaigns.

The higher your level of personalization and localisation, the greater are your conversions and sales!

Pretty simple right?

Getting started

It’s pretty simple too!

Simply sign in to your Exit Bee account and if you don’t have one yet, get your FREE trial here.

Navigate to the website settings of your account from the top left menu. This will open a page where you are shown how to start using Exit Bee – you will see the plugins available to you here.

Select the ‘install plugin’ under the Shopify icon to get started.

exit bee for shopify

This will redirect you to your Shopify store to verify the plugin installation. Simply click on the ‘install app’ button here to be able to start using Exit Bee on your online store.

exitbee for shopify step 2

After this, you will be redirected back to your Exit Bee settings page. You will see an ‘integrated’ notification below the Shopify icon now. (If you don’t, contact us on [email protected])

exit bee for shopify 3

Now you can go back to your dashboard and start creating campaigns to recover abandoned carts, promote products, recommend products, grow your email list and much more using our ready-to-use templates!

Can it get any more awesome?

Well, Exit Bee also helps you track the orders you generate on your Shopify store through the campaign. It might need you to complete a few more steps, but we have a step wise guide for that too and you can see it here: How to track your Shopify orders.

After all, we know how important it is to understand what works the best for your online store!

Ready to convert your online store visitors into customers? Well, so are we.

exit bee cta

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