Email marketing is an important communication channel for businesses. But it never seems to work out for everyone. Here’s taking a look at what experts think email marketing should be like and how you can follow it to the T!

1. Treat emails like a privilege

If a consumer has shared his email address with your business, it is important to understand the faith in you that he has. That’s why when you email him the next time, it needs to cater to his interests and educate him about what your business has to offer. Focusing only on driving sales through emails can result in looking too pushy and losing the subscriber instead!

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2. Remain consistent at it

Most businesses do not have an automated drip email campaign to keep their customers and subscribers engaged. This results in them losing out on their ideal customers to competitors. That’s why it is important to remain consistent. While you should not overdo the frequency of emails, it is a wise idea to share something great with them every now and then.

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3. Ask for smaller commitments

Yes, you want to drive more sales for your business through emails, but let’s take it one step at a time. When a consumer shares his email with you, it is a way for him to show trust in your business. From where he is in the sales cycle, use small commitments and call to actions to drive him to your landing page from emails – straight away asking us to buy a $100 plan will get you nowhere!

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4. Get straight to the point

Emails offer you a channel to interact with your customers directly. But that doesn’t mean you go overboard and share a story in the email. Get straight to the point while framing your copy and let the recipient know what you’re offering to them – before they lose interest in the email or get distracted by another!

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5. Monitor, analyse and optimize

Email marketing is no ‘set it and forget it’ channel. If you want results, you need to learn from every little campaign you’re running. See what your subscribers read, what they don’t want to interact with, what they are looking for and what drives them towards conversions. Optimize your emails and campaigns accordingly, to get maximum ROI.

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6. Get creative always

If you want your email campaigns to show result, make sure you push out emails that actually stand out from the rest. Be it the subject line you use or the copy you include, getting creative with your approach will take you a long way when it comes to reaping the benefits of email marketing.

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7. Never break the subscriber’s trust

Emails are meant for educating your consumers and nurturing them towards conversions. But if you’re going to endlessly promote irrelevant content to them, you’re simply going to break their trust and form a reputation of business that doesn’t really care about its consumers – something that is only going to get you negative reviews on all digital channels.

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8. Personalize, personalize and personalize

The only way to make your emails convert, is personalization. You need to spend time to understand who your subscriber is, what he is looking for and how you can help, before sending in an email. The closer you are in context to his needs, the higher are your conversion rates. So use their emails as digital fingerprints to understand more about them.

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9. Focus on the design

Most email campaigns don’t work, simply because the template used is not intuitive enough to drive the recipient towards taking an action. So before you push out another email, ask yourself if you need to be told what to do when you read the email or is it clearly visible? Be it the copy you’re using or the placement of your call to actions, consider the consumer’s approach always.

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10. Integrate with social media

If you want better results coming in from emails, focus on integrating it with your social media strategy. When your social efforts are targeted at getting people to interact more and are educating them consistently, your emails become more likely to be read automatically. Building trust on all your digital profiles is as important!

Email marketing is the one channel that gives you a 3,800% ROI on every $1 you invest – the only way you’re messing this up for your business, is if you’re not consistent at it or haven’t been focusing on growing your email list in a healthy manner.

Most modern marketers face the challenge of not being able to grow their email list rapidly and then optimize their campaigns for maximum ROI.

Our solution to both – Think like the recipient and PERSONALIZE.

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