For those of you who aren’t aware already, blogging has become a well defined career in itself. From tech bloggers, to food, decor and fashion bloggers, the millennials today are choosing creative career paths over the conventional 9 to 5 jobs.

In this post, we’re specifically addressing the upcoming as well as established fashion bloggers who are trying to increase their following on Instagram.

Instagram, with its users increasing by the day, has become a popular social channel for brands to market on. It has also given the opportunity to people to start their pictorial mini-blogs and showcase their work to the world.

Picking up on the micro-blogging capability of the platform, brands are now using the power of users to market their products to others in their target audience. The technique we fondly refer to as influencer marketing.

But if you’re on this side of the grass, you’ll know how difficult it is to establish a presence as an influencer in your field. And considering, fashion is already a very competitive domain, it is all the more difficult to make your presence felt.

But before we list down some hacks that we have tried over the years on lifestyle brands, we’re going to safely assume that you definitely have a blog site – because, you just can’t do without one today!

Be consistent with your efforts

As a fashion blogger, it is almost a given that you’re considerably regular with your shopping and writing on trends before they go out of fashion. To be able to build a strong social following on Instagram, you will need to be as consistent with your efforts.

Understand the timings at which your target audience engages with the posts the most and then create a schedule for yourself. Be it posting twice or thrice in a day, it entirely depends on you. But remember to space out the posts enough so as to not lose your likes and comments.

Use different and trending hashtags

While some might consider that hashtags are irritating and too many of them don’t look good in a post, the truth is, that your post gets discovered only because of them. So if you saw an established blogger not using too many hashtags in their posts, don’t get carried away.

Scroll back to their first post (if you really have the time) and see how they used hashtags to their benefit.

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags in a post. So go ahead and shortlist at least a hundred hashtags that you could alternatively use in your posts. Remember to include some that are high volume searched and some that are just about average.

Including only high search volume hashtags might result in your post getting lost in the thousands of pictures uploaded on the platform. Finding the perfect balance is the trick to keep your posts discoverable.

For example, I experimented a little with my own account and garnered over 100 likes on this post – and let me tell you, I am in no way a fashion blogger.

my insta example

You could also change the hashtags of a post every day or two, if time allows. This will make it discoverable for more search words.

Another smart hack is to include 30 hashtags and then ask a friend to comment on the post with 30 more hashtags. This way you’ll have a total of 60 hashtags which are bound to get you close to a hundred likes, even if you have just started!

Display your Instagram icon clearly on the blog

Ensure that all your social profiles are clearly displayed on the blog – especially Instagram because you’re in the lifestyle industry that is highly visual in nature. A good idea is to include it in the sidebar or at the footer of each web page – including your about us section.

You could choose to either only provide links to your blog profiles or your personal profile, based on what you’re really comfortable with.

For example, here’s how you can display your Instagram feed a little more ‘visibly’ in the sidebar. Give your visitors a preview of the most recent posts so that they know what they can look forward to.

instagram plugin on site

Don’t forget to request the leaving visitor for a follow

The blogging community is vast. Whether you have a blog of WordPress or any other CMS, you will always have a set of people who would visit your posts based on the tags you create. Once you start blogging more actively and promoting your content on social media more effectively, you will be redirecting a lot more people to the website.

Hence, it is important that once a visitor is done reading your fashion tips and is just about to leave the website, you request him for a quick follow on Instagram. But don’t forget to add a note from your end to personalize the campaign message.

Using Exit Bee, you can create popups that are exit intent and completely non-intrusive in nature. Because a visitor who is checking out your blog post to check out an outfit’s details, doesn’t really want to be bombarded by a popup midway!

instagram following exit bee campaign

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Collaborate with other bloggers

Another smart hack that will help you build a name in the fast growing fashion industry, is collaboration. Collaborate with other bloggers – preferably those who have made a considerable following of their own.

Becoming a recognisable face amongst their followers, will give your Instagram profile a much needed boost as well!

Post a little more on weekends

As marketers, we always suggest brands to not over-post on Instagram. People don’t like being literally spammed by your pictures. But on weekends, we like to bend the rules a little!

Start by posting an image a little late in the morning, and increase the frequency of the posts you make. People are a lot more active on Instagram on weekends, than on weekdays and you need to experiment to find the best suited frequency for your account.

But remember, don’t compromise on the kind of content you share. You don’t want to lose the followers you just gained!

Engage with your audience

Engagement is of prime importance – no matter which field or industry you are in. Search for popular hashtags and engage with the most recent posts. Be it a like or a comment on the post, it will definitely bring that user to your account.

Once on your account, your content (if it is totally up-to-the-mark) will convince him to follow you instantly!

In such cases, you might want to start engaging with accounts that even you are likely to ‘follow back’. For a while, it is a good idea to follow other people to get your content discovered. Once you’ve reached your set milestone, you can get a little picky-choosy about who you follow!

For instance, our favourite ‘thatbohogirl’, doesn’t just engage with her followers on her Instagram posts but also plans frequent meet and greets with them offline. The more people know you’re human (basically, someone just like them), the more they’re able to associate themselves with you!

instagram post example

Over to you

You could also align yourself with a branding industry, a few smaller brands and then work your way to the top. Be open to experimenting with the theme of your account initially, but do settle in after you build a considerable following!

But while you’re at it, don’t forget to identify your niche in fashion and stick to it. It might take a while sometimes, but being consistent always brings success. 🙂

Pro tip: If you want people to actually follow your fashion, you’ll need to go beyond those regular selfies, not forget being honest about your outfit and ensure each picture is of high quality – a blurred image is as bad as that ugly fashion trend you saw last week! 😉

Holds true for brands trying to create a presence on Instagram as well!

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