Growing an email list can be a challenging and sometimes, a pretty daunting task. While we try to churn out the best of content pieces regularly to appeal to our audience, they are somehow never willing to share their contact details before leaving.

With a chance of being spammed by the various businesses that are online, we kind of understand the reader’s emotions. But we understand your goals too!

So here are a few strategies that will growth hack your email list in just 3 months, before you even know it – trust us.

1. Opt for a reverse psychology on the home page

Most of us want to first display the value proposition of our site and talk about it a little before asking the visitor to subscribe to a newsletter. While that’s a logical approach to things, the reverse psychology seems to be working for the best of bloggers as well!

Apart from just highlighting your USP on the homepage, why not ask the visitor to also sign up for your newsletter right then? Let them know what they will get out of it and make sure that your message is as relatable as possible.

For example, Melyssa Griffin’s site uses exactly this strategy:

melyssa email marketing

2. Get yourself a floating bar, of course

Internet users have a very short attention span and with all that content online, we don’t really blame them. But their attention span shouldn’t become the reason for you to lose a subscriber or a customer, right? So a little reminder won’t do any harm!

Use a floating bar on all your web pages as a reminder or a subtle nudge for the visitor to subscribe to your newsletter. It doesn’t interfere with what the visitor is reading or doing on your website, and still serves the purpose of encouraging an action.

3. Use a subscribe locker on your content

You work at least 3 hours on creating content pieces that your audience would thank you for. Digging through various resources online, you curate and create content pieces that are not just insightful but also add value to them in some way – then why give it all away for nothing? It’s only fair to ask for something in return, right?

Using a content locker is a nifty strategy for those content pieces that are long form and share insightful statistics from the industry. But ensure that the build up to the content locker is such that the reader feels compelled to subscribe for more of it.


4. Offer a free upgrade on exit

Now there is a high chance that your website visitors don’t want to subscribe to your content right away. In this case, retargeting them on-site before they leave is a strategy that can boost your email subscription rate by a whopping 2,000%!

Based on what pages the visitor is browsing through and the actions he has taken on them, retarget them with exit intent campaigns offering a FREE content upgrade – an ebook, case study, white paper, infographic or something that will add more value to what he has shown interest in and he would be willing to share his contact details for.

Like we do, here:

offer content upgrade

5. Create an email course

Talking about upgrades, another great way we discovered on influencer sites across industries is the use of email courses. Instead of creating ebooks, white papers and more, they promise their audience to share insightful content via emails that are spread out over a defined period of time – so that the reader doesn’t feel he is being spammed!

I subscribed for a sales email course and getting one tip every week really did help me keep up-to-date with what was trending in sales tactics and how I could execute the same for our business!

Like Mintswift does!

email marketing course

6. Establish a resource library

One of the proven tactics to encourage your target audience to share their contact details with you, is to become their go-to source of information. This means you need to create a library of content pieces that act as resources for them in your specific niche. This resource library must consist of case studies, white papers, ebooks and more that will come handy to them later.

For instance, Unbounce has a vast resource library under various categories. They cover various topics in order to appeal to their audience with different interests.

7. Create a content schedule  

People interact with a business only when they know they will continue to get value from it. This is why it is important to create a content publishing schedule. Even if it is just once a week that you share new content pieces, let them know what and when to look forward to them.

For instance, we publish a new article every Tuesday and Thursday on our blog. So our audience know when and what to look forward to.

8. Execute smart guest posting

It’s important to drive traffic to your website, blog or resources page from other sources than just social media, advertising and other search engine efforts you are making. That’s where guest posting comes in.

Executing smart guest posting, you can not just reach out to a wider audience but also link them to your subscriber page. Yes, why just interlink another post or your home page in a guest post? Go ahead and link to content upgrades that will nudge them to subscribe or opt-in to view the information you’re sharing!

9. Refresh popular or trending content pieces  

One of the biggest mistakes that content marketers make, is not reuse their popular or trending content pieces. When it is something that really peaked your audience’s interests, then why not go ahead and give it a little twist or update it and make it relevant all over again – better than struggling with trying to create another viral content piece, right?

HubSpot even created a guide to updating your old blog content! You can read it here.

Why do you need this? If it has worked so well before, it clearly is something your audience wants to remain updated about!

We don’t say completing all these steps once is going to get you 100,000 subscribers. It is all about how consistently you’re able to keep up with all of them over a period of at least 3 months and after. The more you remain at the top of your audience’s mind, the greater will be the number of subscribers you get!

Ready to grow your email list?


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