Look around and you’ll see just how many individuals, brands and businesses have taken to content marketing. For that matter, you will see how focused everyone has become at establishing their digital presence – be it their website, social media or communities where their target audience is the most active.

But as these numbers increase, the challenges of converting people are also increasing. Businesses can rarely get their visitors to subscribe to their newsletter – no matter how well their content is crafted. Case in point being, media companies.

Popups or overlays have always had a bad name in the industry. They have blamed for ruining the visitors reading or browsing experience and deteriorating the conversion rates. According to a study conducted by Dan Zarrella, popups don’t really hamper the conversion rate of a website – when used methodically.

popup stats

While the study suggests that in some cases the bounce rates of a website increase, there is only a marginal difference. But when it comes to something like subscription, websites with popups performed a lot better than those without.

We have experimented and tested our exit intent technology on a number of websites. It has time and again only proved how beneficial it could be for the websites. Be it subscriptions, surveys, contests or anything else, the media websites using our bounce prevention technology have been nothing but happy!

So we decided to share a few ideas on what media businesses can do with Exit Bee:

1. Reduce your bounce rates

Like the case study mentioned, popups don’t really increase the bounce rates of a website. When timed properly, they could actually become the reason for keeping your visitors on the website longer.

When an internet user visits a media company’s website, he is looking at consuming some kind of information. So instead of constantly interrupting him with popups for engagement, target him at exit.

Using Exit Bee’s bounce prevention technology, you can predict a visitor’s exit and target him with a personalized message that encourages him to interact further. This could be a popular piece of content from your website, a custom message or notification regarding something, or a simple redirection to a page you want them to see.

Keeping the visitor engaged longer, you don’t just decrease your bounce rates but also increase the chances of a conversion.

For example, this media website promoted a popular show that they were streaming live to an exiting visitor. The full screen campaign doesn’t just grab the visitor’s attention, but also nudges him to click on the CTA and stay longer on the website to watch the show:

promote video content

2. Increase your email opt-ins or subscriptions

One of the most common challenges that media companies face is to turn their website visitors into subscribers. Emails are the best way to reach out to your target audience with either something to offer or simply more content to add value. It gives you a platform to directly engage with your audience.

With so many media websites coming into the digital industry, people are hesitant in sharing their contact details. But if your website is getting a considerable amount of traffic and yet people are not subscribing, they just need a slight nudge.

Apart from the various call-to-actions and subscription boxes you include on your website, implement an exit intent campaign. If the visitor really did like your content, he is more likely to subscribe with a slight nudge when he’s on his way out.

For example, here’s an exit intent campaign that targets a leaving visitor with a custom message and nudges him to subscribe to the website’s newsletter:

blog subscribe

3. Promote your content

Media websites have a lot of content to offer. While a certain topic might gain a lot of attention, there would be those that barely get any traffic. It is practically impossible for a visitor to check all your web page out as well. He is more likely to consume the web page information he lands on and leave.

This is your perfect chance to promote your other content. You could target this leaving visitor with an Exit Bee campaign that suggests a few more reads based on his interests, or a piece of content that you need to get their attention on.

Promoting your content at the right time will not just boost that content’s reach, but also keep the visitor engaged on your website longer. This gives you more chances to target him for conversion.

For example, here’s a campaign triggered at the exit of a visitor. It suggests him with a few more posts that the website has to offer around his interests:

recommend content

4. Boost your social following and content reach

More than 80% of your target audience is present on at least two social media platforms. Be it for personal or professional use, these platforms provide media businesses the perfect opportunity to target them with a campaign.

But apart from running paid campaigns to increase your social profile likes or followers, it is a good idea to complement those with on-site retargeting.

When a visitor is about to leave your website, you can use Exit Bee’s exit intent technology to target him with a campaign that asks him to follow you on social. If he did really like your content, he is more likely to click the button and convert!

You won’t just increase your social following by doing so, but also come to know how many people are really liking what you offer.

For example, here’s an exit intent campaign that nudges a leaving visitor to share your content on social media in his circles:

share content

5. Promote a partnered advertisement

A lot of media websites and blogs monetize of advertisements or sponsored content. Since the deal or the arrangement with the companies is to get them more exposure, it is important that these media websites direct their visitors to them.

Since no internet user likes being bombarded with advertisements or sponsored content totally out of the blue, you can target them right before they leave.

Using an exit intent campaign you could run an advertisement that directs people to a page where they are more likely to convert or promote a sponsored piece of content. If they are interested, they would stay back and check it out and if they don’t, you’re still not upsetting anyone of your visitors.

For instance, this campaign here is promoting WordPress themes with a 20% discount and directing the leaving visitor to its partner.

promote partners

6. Increase your survey participants

Surveys are considered to be one of those content formats that not just engage the website visitor, but also help you collate insightful data. Media websites leverage on their audience’s interests and to keep up with the changing trends can be tedious – might as well ask your audience for their opinion.

When a visitor is about to leave your website, you can simply target them with a quick survey that asks them questions around their interests and what they possibly expect from you. This would help you create a better content plan for the future.

You could also use an exit intent campaign to understand if the visitor who is leaving without any kind of engagement has liked your content or not. By simply targeting him with an overlay that lets him rate your content, could give you insights into what has been working and what hasn’t been working so far.

For example, here’s an exit intent campaign that is asking a leaving visitor to rate the content he has just consumed:

rate content

7. Boost your contest participants

Like the various pieces of content that go unnoticed on media websites, contests hosted in collaboration with other companies too don’t end up getting much traffic – unless they’re running a paid campaign for it.

Contests are a great way to engage the visitors and keep them on your website longer. As long as it is interesting and provides them with some value, they would be willing to participate in it. But not every visitor is going to discover the contest on his own!

Let the visitor consume the information he came looking for and then target him with a message that notifies him of an ongoing contest on your website. If it caters to his interests, he will automatically engage with it and stay on your website longer.

Boosting your contest participants is a great way to reduce your bounce rates and also generate leads if planned right.

For example, here’s an exit intent campaign that notifies the leaving visitor of a ongoing contest on the website and encourages him to take part in it:

growth hack your email list - contests

If you think these ideas sound good and you would probably like to try the exit intent technology on your media website or blog, simply sign up for our FREE trial!

We’ll make sure you don’t just get the conversions you expect, but also get hooked on to leveraging from this technology.

reduce bounce

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