In a previous post, we discussed how eCommerce stores can boost their holiday season sales. But let’s face it, the zeal to shop online isn’t endless and is eventually going to come to an end as the new year sets in.

Most businesses see a drastic dip in their sales post the holiday season. While some are able to recover from it quickly and bring it to plateau, there are others that have a tough time trying to level up their performance. In this post, we’re going to share a few tips to help you ensure your post holiday season sales don’t take a severe hit!

“January retail sales figures are often dragged down by the post holiday shopping hangover. Consumers are shopped out for after the holidays and even though they offer deep discounts, stores often struggle to lure them back.”

Understand the post holiday season lull

The very first thing you need to do to ensure your store doesn’t take a major hit, is to understand why sales dip. Knowing what your audience does, when and why, helps you establish a predictive model of their future actions. This data will then help you to create strategies that keep in mind what they want.

The closer you are to understanding their actions and post holiday season needs, the more sustainable your sales graph remains.

Reward your loyal customers

You have had a great season in terms of sales and post this season makes for a perfect time to thank all those who made it possible – your customers. Sending out thank you emails that reward your customers for their loyalty is a great way to drive them towards a sale.

Small incentives like offers, referral programs and more, along with promotional content make for a robust post holidays sales strategy. But remember the higher the value the customer seems to be getting, the greater will be the chances of him making a purchase. So focus on establishing a relationship first!


Set up a drip email marketing campaign

Like we said, holidays have given you the chance to reach out to your target market and drive them towards making an interaction with you. So make sure that you don’t let go of this opportunity to make further conversation.

Set up a drip email marketing campaign that touches base with all those customers who have made a purchase from your store during the sale. Be it up selling a product range they have shown interest in, promoting the offers you’re still running or trying to cross sell products based on their preferences, a drip email marketing campaign should be a must.


Don’t ignore the exchanges and returns

Alright, time to admit that no matter how well thought our gifts are, we often end up exchanging or returning them. Be it something you got or gave on Christmas, or the New Years, the store you purchased it from needs to be ready for it.

Imagine purchasing a pretty sweater you plan to wear for a party, but the size comes in too small. You go back to the store for an exchange and see the size you want has gone out of stock. You are left disappointed and with absolutely no other choice than to return the product.

If you’re the one running an eCommerce store, you need to make sure that your marketing strategy keeps this scenario in mind. Don’t create bottlenecks for those customers who want to return or exchange a product, but don’t lose a chance to sell your product either!

While you offer a seamless customer support to these customers, also make sure you drive them towards a purchase in a relevant manner. For instance, in the above case, the customer could be taken or recommended a product that is similar to the one he wanted to exchange. This also gives your store an opportunity to up sell to this customer.

Optimize your cart abandonment

Cart abandonment is a common phenomenon that eCommerce stores face. Just like during the holiday season, most of your store visitors are likely to leave products in the cart and abandon your site without completing the purchase.

So make sure your checkout is as optimized even post the holiday season. Creating cart abandonment campaigns that encourage the visitor to complete the purchase right then, is a great way to ensure a sale. You could offer a small discount on shipping or the cart total, or simply nudge him to subscribe to your newsletter before leaving to nurture him into making a purchase via emails.

The idea is to either drive the visitor to conversion or make an interaction before he leaves.

ecommerce cta 2

Experiment and innovate with your campaigns

Retargeting ad campaigns are almost obvious for eCommerce stores. But what will actually make you stand out from all those stores trying to do the same thing, is experimenting with the way you touch base with the store visitors on social media.

Instead of following the conventional route of retargeting your visitors with product pictures on social media, create innovative campaigns that are bound to grab their attention as well as make them want to own the products. It could be a product video, a discount only meant for them or anything their interaction tells you would make them convert.

Don’t forget to use blogging

In one of our posts we highlighted how eCommerce businesses must not ignore content marketing. While it might seem like a tactic meant only for the B2B companies, your online store can actually leverage from it as well!

Showcase your most sold products, how customers are using them, share the story behind how you managed keeping up with your customers during the sale or the idea behind it – give your customers and prospects a sneak peek into how you function or how your products can add value to them, and you’ll not see your sales dipping ever!

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Make use of all the social proof

One way to drive more sales amidst all the rising competition, show your target market that you’re better. But here’s a little clause – no matter how many advertisements you run, you can’t convince them that your products are better than all others. An advertisement is just your business boasting of what it does and what it has on offer.

Instead, use social proof for promoting your online store or products. Reach out to all your customers during the holiday season sales and request them to drop ratings, reviews or feedback on their purchases. You could take it a step further by encouraging them to share their purchases in lieu of an incentive.

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Post holidays can be the time when most businesses suffer a setback. Being prepared for it beforehand, can help your online store maintain a consistent sales graph – if not one that is as high as during the season.

Plan ahead of the holidays and never lose a customer again!


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