42% of businesses name email as the most effective lead generation marketing tactic, making it the top source for lead nurturing and management. But to be able to make your email marketing campaign successful, you need people who subscribe to them willingly. And the fear of being spammed, makes it hard to get people to subscribe even to the most useful newsletters!

That’s where on-site retargeting comes into play. On-site retargeting monitors the behavior of website visitors on a real-time basis. The moment the visitor’s behavior indicates that he might leave, they are targeted with a custom message usually in the form of an exit overlay.

The exit intent technology monitors the movement of the mouse. And as soon as the movement is made towards exiting the page, the exit overlay gets triggered to show a secondary message to appeal and engage the abandoning visitors.

Exit overlays perform really well because they don’t interrupt the visitor while browsing the website. When a user is getting ready to leave your website you have a chance to grab their full attention with a tailored message.

So how can you use on-site retargeting to get more email subscribers in an organic yet effective way?

1. Use exit overlays to offer a signup incentive

When it comes to list building, the most effective way to engage leaving visitors is to collect their contact details – of course with a custom offer that nudges them to opt-in to your email list. A well timed message and appealing offer is all you need to engage your visitors for a lifetime. It could be a simple offer or a discount coupon for the first purchase.

For example: E-Yup.com is an ecommerce website that sells personal care and house supplies including diapers, cosmetics, cleaning supplies and more. But because the visitors weren’t familiar with the new brand of diapers being offered, they were hesitant to make the purchase. To promote their product, E-Yup created an exclusive offer for new visitors – including a special price, free shipping and money back to those who weren’t satisfied!


The targeted campaign and messaging was enough to convince many users to stay on the website and complete purchasing their Pufies diapers. The campaign achieved a click through rate of over 12% and almost 70% of those users completed the purchase.

The final outcome? Conversion rate of 8.58% and over 2,000% ROI! (Read case study)

2. Push out a yes-no multi-page campaign

You can’t just ask a departing visitor to spare 5 more minutes to fill up a form. So why not stop him with a question that can be answered with a simple yes or no? Of course, you can then redirect him to another page that actually consists of the form – multistep on-site retargeting. The ‘click here’ if interested and ‘go’ here campaigns have a better conversion rate, because those who click on ‘yes’ are the ideal potential subscribers who are really interested in your brand.

For example: Here’s how we are using an impactful question and a multi-page campaign to target our website visitors. The question is direct and there are only two ways our target audience can respond to it.

purple exit bee campaign step 1

If the visitor is really interested in knowing more about increasing his website conversions and clicks on ‘Yes’, we simply redirect him to a quick fill form to get his contact details. Since the messaging is crystal clear – indicating towards a 14 day trial as well, and the form requires the visitor to only fill in what’s important, the campaign sees a good response till date!

purple exit bee campaign step 2

3. Personalize your message

Website visitors are best engaged when the offers made them are relevant to their needs and interests. So if you want to increase your subscription rate, analyse your target audience’s behaviour before setting the message on your exit overlay. Asking a question or addressing a common issue are great conversation starters.

For example: To create a successful Exit Bee campaign for 18-24.gr, we took the audience’s distinct characteristics into account – especially their need for cheap and exciting trips. Our messaging, graphic choices and colours were designed to appeal to the youth.

18-24 exitbee

And what’s more? We even got down to using their lingo! After all, isn’t it all about interacting and engaging with your audience?

The campaign results justified the #YOLO in our business message as the email campaigns have been converting consistently around a 3% rate. This has infact helped 18-24.gr deliver awesome trips to a much larger audience! (Read case study)


4. Make use of dynamic personalisation

To up your business message’s personalisation, use dynamic text replacement in your exit overlay. You can set the text to alter on a variable you choose based on your audience’s preferences. This allows you to create highly targeted messages for different individuals using only one overlay.

For example, if you have multiple categories of products, you can change the discounts for individuals based on the demographics they fit in. This makes them feel that the brand understands their needs and wants to fulfil them proactively, increasing their willingness to subscribe for updates.

5. Promote a free giveaway

Your visitors are more likely to provide their contact details if they receive something useful in return – for free. The giveaway could be any form of consumable content that adds value to the visitor’s needs and interests. Some of the valuable giveaways being newsletters, ebooks, checklists, case studies, webinars, etc.

For example: Epixeiro.gr wanted to target all their abandoning visitos and as them to subscribe to their weekly newsletter. So Exit Bee created an eye campaign, giving visitors a good reason to subscribe – the industry relevance and frequency. Their campaign’s headline ‘Don’t be left behind the news’ and copy ‘The most important news of the week, every Wednesday in your inbox’ worked wonders in communicating the message to their visitors.


Since the visitors knew exactly what to expect, a large number of them willingly subscribed to the newsletter. Overall, epixeriro.gr saw a 5,000% increase in their email subscription rate compared to all the campaigns they ran in the last few years. (Read case study)

Over to you

But before you go live with an on-site retargeting campaign, don’t forget to run A/B tests. A/B testing will help you gauge which of your business messages and campaigns are able to drive in more subscribers, and what needs to change for better results.

Got a few more minutes? Here are a few questions for you:

  • When was the last time you ran a campaign to target your on-site traffic?
  • What was the campaign and did it bring you the desired results?
  • Have you tried exit intent technology on your website? Would you like to give it a shot?

If the answer to your last question is a no and yes respectively, feel free to contact us right away! And we’ll help you discover the power on on-site retargeting.

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