You know that email marketing delivers great results. You also know that email is the best way to build loyalty and increase repeat visits and customers. And you’re not the only one who thinks so. Email marketing was ranked as the best channel in terms of return on investment, with 68% of companies rating the channel as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.

I’ll just assume that you need no more convincing and would like to dive into creating an email campaign right away. But hold on!

The biggest challenge faced by most companies is not setting up a campaign, but getting subscriptions for their newsletters. What’s the point of running a campaign with only a handful of people to address?

Now building an email list could take really long. So let’s speed up that process to let you make the most out of that campaign you were planning to design.

Create remarkable content

This goes without saying. If your content sucks, why would anyone want to receive more? Research your target audience, identify their interests, challenges and pain points, create buyer personas and know who you’re writing for.

You want to attract the right kind of traffic and let your content show that not only you understand their challenges but you can also help them overcome them.

Give something your users value for free

Everybody likes free stuff. Since you’re selling something to someone, I guess you know what they’re interested in and what they value. So, create something they want and give it away for free in exchange for their email and other personal data.

To know if you’re asking too much information for what you’re giving away, you can follow a simple rule of thumb. The more time you invest in creating a free giveaway or the more value you offer to the users, the more data you can ask for.

Make subscribing easy

Don’t expect your visitors to know what to do next. They’re not going to be looking for a subscribe button on your site or a social sharing button. Don’t expect them to even think of subscribing.

You’ve got to let them know what you need them to do. Nobody will go out on a limb to receive your newsletters and content – it is your job to make it plainly obvious how to opt in and gently nudge your visitors into signing up for your email programs.

No matter what your website looks like, there are many ways to integrate opt-in forms into the design. Here are a few ideas:

  • at the sidebar of your blog
  • at the footer of your website
  • at the end of the page content
  • at success pages, after a user has completed a goal why not ask him to opt-in for your emails? He probably will…
  • using an exit overlay and ask your visitors to subscribe just before they leave your website

Having opt-in forms on your website will not be enough if you don’t…

Give visitors a reason to subscribe

Thousands of websites expect visitors to subscribe to their email list without bothering to explain why. Look around and you’ll find too many forms with a simple sentence like “Subscribe to our newsletter” followed by an input field saying “Enter your email” and a call-to-action “Submit”.

That’s almost like asking a random person to give you his phone number without any explanation.

Your visitors should immediately know the answer to the question Why should I subscribe to your newsletter? or even better to the yes or no question Do I want to subscribe to your newsletter?.

Tell them what to expect and explain the benefits of getting your emails. If you change “Subscribe to our newsletter” with something like “Join our list and we’ll send you exclusive deals once a week”, I guarantee you that you’ll see your numbers growing.

Target abandoning visitors and turn them to email subscribers

Turn Lost Visitors Into Email Subscribers

Grow your email list faster than ever by targeting abandoning visitors with tailored messages.

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Pavlos Linos

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