What often divides successful brands from the others, is the level of commitment they put towards improving their customer satisfaction levels.

Understanding your target audience’s needs and wants is crucial towards building a better product or service and in the end gaining satisfied, loyal customers that will increase your business’s revenues.

After all, if your brand doesn’t succeed in leaving a customer satisfied, someone else will!

To quote the legendary Dale Carnegie:

“You can close more business in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you.”

An awesome tool that can enhance customer satisfaction are exit overlays. So here are 10 ways you can use them on your website:

Give them a helping hand

A common reason for visitors to leave your website without converting is that they couldn’t find answers to what they were looking for or got confused.

Don’t leave any room for questions on your visitors part by using an exit overlay offering them help or a live chat option. This way you prevent your visitors from experiencing frustration and improve their user experience by providing them with all the support they need in a timely manner.

According to Crazy Egg, live chat is a way to boost your conversions, as users who use it convert 3.5 as often than those who don’t!

Take Brand24 for example. Their website uses an overlay providing live help. They also display their help team’s faces and make use of the first-person in the overlay copy to make it more personal and appealing to users:

brand24 uses live help to increase customer satisfaction

And here is another example, Swiss Alpine Center. It targeted its website visitors with an exit overlay campaign to assist those looking for admissions:

swiss alpine center used an exit intent overlays to boost admissions and increase customer satisfaction

Provide social proof

It is a well known fact that the use of social proof elements or the lack thereof on a website can influence conversion rates.

Product reviews, testimonials, badges, logos or social media counts act as major purchase influencers – product reviews alone are 12 times more trusted than product descriptions according to Econsultancy!

Including social proof prominently on key pages of your website (pricing page, product pages etc) can really boost your conversions.

A clever way to use social proof and ensure your visitors take notice, is through exit overlays.

Use a survey

Customer surveys are the most effective method for gaining in-depth information about your customer’s opinions.

Using an exit overlay with a survey will not only provide you with the valuable qualitative data you need but will also increase your overall user participation, bringing you one step closer to increasing your customer satisfaction.

Vita used an exit intent overlay campaign to survey its users and gained valuable insights about how users perceived its website, while also increasing survey submissions by 17,000%!

vita used an exitbee exit overlay campaign with a survey to increase participants and help increase customer satisfaction levels

Give away free training or webinars

All digital marketers know that the road to the final conversion is paved with many hurdles and obstacles.

The majority of your visitors will not convert the first time on your website. In general, the more complicated or expensive the product/service is, the more time a visitor requires to convert.

The individual steps of the sales process require a tailored approach for nurturing your visitor in order to guide him to the next level of commitment.

Many types of businesses offer free training courses or webinars as part of their lead nurturing and customer retention strategy.

Offer this type of free “education” to your users via an exit overlay. You will build their trust, encourage them to learn more and use your product, thus improving their satisfaction levels!

Quicksprout offers a free course valued at $300 and gets visitors excited before they‘ve even started:

offer free training to increase conversions and customer satisfaction like quicksprout

Offer free e-books or downloads

Content marketing is a major part of the marketing strategy for most brands today. Moreover, offering your customers a freebie of some sort that is relevant to your business, will give them a taste of what you can offer and gain their trust.

Often called content upgrades, this type of offering can be boosted with the use of exit overlays and will work wonders for your customer satisfaction levels.


Show them you care with surprise offers or discounts

Your customers are what keep your business alive and that is something you should honestly acknowledge .

What better way to show them how much you appreciate their preference in your brand than surprising them with little freebies every now and then?

Target your visitors or selected customer segments with exit overlay campaigns offering them some sort of one-time offer or discount – just to let them know how much you value them.

Greek furniture expo Epiplo Spiti offered its visitors a free invitation in a downloadable format via an exit overlay, a move proven to improve positive sentiments among its audience:

epiplo spiti used an exit overlay to offer free-invitations increasing customer satisfaction and conversions

Give a free upgrade

Another form of exit overlay that will make your customers love you and increase loyalty is offering them a free upgrade.

E.g. if you offer a service with different subscription-based plans you may only want to offer a free upgrade to the basic plan users, in order to let them experience the full-package features of the plan above.

This way you improve customer satisfaction and in the long run will get more of these customers opting for the upgraded plan next time round.

Offer free shipping

Unexpected shipping costs are the most popular reason for customers to abandon their cart. for as high as 28% of cart abandoners.

Providing a free shipping option via an exit intent overlay can be a winning tactic for more conversions. Simply target users the moment they abandon their cart and recapture them with an offer they can’t refuse.

Snatch killed two birds with one stone with a smart exit overlay. It targeted users offering them free shipping in exchange for them signing up to the newsletter:

offer free shipping like snatch.gr to increase customer satisfaction and conversion rates

Give them something to share

Customer satisfaction is not something you can achieve overnight. It requires a good team of people, consistency, fresh ideas, attention to detail and engaging with your users.

In a world where social media prevails in so many aspects of our work and personal life, it makes sense that you should encourage your customers to engage with you on your preferred brand social media channels.

For example, we ran an exit overlay on our blog-posts, asking users to share our content with their friends. Each of our blog authors crafted their own personal message to address readers:

ask people to share something to increase customer satsfaction

Show them you value their opinion

Customers like to feel special and want to know their opinions are taken into consideration by the brands they use.

Reinforce this feeling through your website copy, content, emails and more. You can also use your exit overlay campaigns to show them how important they are. This will help you get your visitors to perform the desired action and in return, leave more customers satisfied thanks to the ‘personalised touch’.

For example, we ask our visitors whether they like our content pieces via an exit overlay. We then proceed to ask for their email to keep them posted if they say yes, or ask for their feedback if their answer is no.
This approach helps us get better and shows our users how much we value their opinion:

exit bee uses exit overlays to ask users about their opinion and increase customer satsfaction


Why wait for your users to complain or stray away from your website?

Exit overlays are a proven effective method for engaging customers, increasing trust and loyalty, solving problems and getting feedback instantaneously.

Start improving your customer satisfaction today with an exit intent overlay campaign targeted to the visitor segments you want.

After all, a confused or dissatisfied user equals a lost customer that may not visit your website again!

What type of exit overlay would you go for?

Target abandoning visitors and turn them to email subscribers

Start Converting Abandoning Visitors

Increase customer satisfaction and conversions by targeting visitors with exit intent overlays containing tailored messages.

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