Let’s face it, out of the 100 visitors that your online store gets, there are practically just about 20 who interact with you and only 2 who make the purchase. So are the remaining visitors redundant? Can they not be converted into customers?

We think not.

In this post, we’re going to share a few ways to make your online store visitors interact with you without seeming too pushy!

Reason – If they landed on your online store, they came looking for something and are definitely interested in making online purchases.

These are people who are interested, but just not motivated enough to make a purchase. That’s where interaction plays an important role!

For instance, take into account how you stroll into a store and are looking through some products. You could get overwhelmed by the choices offered or simply get confused about what you should buy, and that’s when a salesperson strolls in to offer help.

A simple interaction of him asking ‘if you need any help’ actually helps you make an informed choice, find the exact product you’re looking for and even make a purchase.

The same holds true for an online store. A small interaction can lead a visitor from just browsing through products to making a purchase from your online store.

So let’s take a look at some ways to start a conversation with your visitor.

1. Offer help to your customers

Well, this had to be the first one. The most common reason for online shoppers to abandon the products they like, is not being able to decide which one suits them the best. It could be the colour of the product, the size it is available in or the different variants.

That’s exactly why you should offer help to the shopper before he leaves your online store. This could be using a live chat on every web page of the store or simply retargeting them before they leave with a quick message to know if they need any help.

For example, this store that uses a live chat to promote latest products.

ecommerce store live chat

2. Make product recommendations

Various studies suggest that when a business makes personalized product recommendations to its customers, they don’t just become likely to complete a purchase; it also increases their average order value per customer.

And what’s better than making a recommendation to start a conversation? For instance, if the visitor is browsing through t-shirts and jeans on your store but doesn’t decide to purchase any, why not retarget him before he leaves with the best sellers in those categories! There is a high chance he didn’t discover what other customers are loving or what’s in fashion.

product recommendations (1)

3. Nudge them to subscribe for notifications

Email marketing is a must for eCommerce businesses. There is no way an online store can do without email marketing – the one to one communication channel leads to greater number of sales and higher order values; when done right.

So if a visitor has decided not to purchase a product, go ahead and nudge him to subscribe to your newsletter before he leaves. Let him know how he’d be the first to know of upcoming sales and discounts by opting in.

exit bee email subscription

4. Or let them know you’re social

With increasing number of businesses coming online, consumers fear being spammed with promotional messages. This has led to them not being comfortable enough to share their contact details. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a medium to stay in touch with them.

Let them know you’re on social media – be it Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or any other channel you think they are the most active on. When they follow you on social media, you have the chance to target them with messages, ads and more campaigns on a daily basis, and nurture them towards making a purchase from your business.

contensify popup

5. Promote popular products and ongoing sales

An online store definitely has a few sales and discounts going on at any point of time. But let’s face it, as a consumer you may or may not have the time to discover them all. It’s not that the consumer won’t be interested in the discount, he is just not aware of their existence.

Understand what the visitor is looking for in your online store. Based on the pages he has visited or not visited, target him with an interactive on-site retargeting campaign just before he leaves. This could be a simple campaign that tells him what he is missing and redirects him to those pages.

6. Offer a limited time or first purchase discount

This one’s a hit! When you make an offer that is valid on first purchases or is time limited, you see a greater participation from your online store visitors. In their zeal to not miss out on what’s new and popular in your store, and the deal you’re offering, they are certainly going to complete the purchase before leaving.

But of course, a little nudge is always better. Let them browse through your products at their own pace first and then retarget them as soon as they decide to leave with a similar campaign.

7. Don’t let them abandon the cart

The average recorded cart abandonment rate across the world is about 69% and if you don’t want to fall under the category of those suffering from high cart abandonment rates, make timely interaction a priority on your online store.

Just when a visitor is about to abandon your online store from the checkout steps without completing the purchase, retarget them with a personalized campaign. This could be a campaign that creates a sense of urgency around the products he has chosen, or one that offers him an additional discount to encourage the purchase.

For example, House of Blouse recovered upto 12% of their cart abandoners by timely retargeting them.


Timely interactions = Greater sales

We worked closely with some online stores with audiences in different demographics (esp. locations) and came to one conclusion that is the hack for online stores to get more sales – timely interactions.

The attention span of an internet user is barely a few seconds and it is important that the business he has shown interest in is able to engage him in those few seconds. It could be understanding his needs better, helping him make informed purchase decisions or more, but a timely interaction could lead to higher amount of sales for sure!

Not sure how to retarget your online store visitors before they leave?

We’ll give you two options here:

  • Take a look at our case studies to see how Exit Bee helps you recover your lost customers
  • Send us an email on [email protected] and we’ll be happy to give you a demo!


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