Are you interested in knowing how to get more people purchase your products and services, without you having to pursue them over and over again?

Contrary to popular belief, an effective marketing plan isn’t the only factor that plays into increasing the conversion rate of your website. The key to a successful business marketing plan is being able to understand a bit of customer psychology as well.


Each and every one of us has similar mental triggers that prompt us to complete certain actions. And in order for these actions to work for your business, you need to understand the triggers as well as how to utilize them in your marketing message.

Here are the first 6 conversion rate optimization tips using psychological triggers that you can start using today to increase your website’s conversion rate:

1. Address a problem and offer a solution

All human behaviour is driven by ‘need’. The need to avoid pain caused by a problem and the desire to make things easy, makes people take the desired action. To be able to use this trigger, you need to understand the key pain points of your target audience and offer a solution that resolves it in a way they expect.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • identify who ‘exactly’ is your target audience
  • understand their purchasing habits
  • take note of what they’re seeking and expecting from your business
  • find out the common problems they face on a daily basis and the kind of solution they seek
  • offer them a solution that adds value to the customer and at the same time, your business

Offer an A to Z solution. From what the problem is to how they can solve it by being where you want them to be. Your goal should be to assist your leads to a point that is as close as possible to the final conversion so that they don’t get lost and have a feeling that you’re constantly with them. This also helps build the rapport of a customer centric brand.

2. Create the sense of offering something new

We humans love new things. Something that seems unfamiliar and interesting instantly draws us to it. The novelty makes us think there’s probably something exceptionally rewarding waiting for us and this curiosity motivates us to seek it.

If you want prospects to buy your products, bring in the ‘new’ – create new ones or make changes to the old ones and rebrand them. Combining this with a sense of urgency creates the perception of novelty. This is a sure shot way of increasing sales by manifolds and is a technique that marketers often use .

But remember to provide value to the customers. The moment you stop being relevant or get identified as not really adding anything new to the products/services, novelty will backfire and make you look untrustworthy.

3. Spend some time convincing them

Our brains are always seeking answers. When we say, ‘here, I bought you a chocolate’, the first thing that comes to our head is ‘why’. Dr. Michael Gazzaniga, a psychology professor at the University of California, found that our rational mind is forever searching for explanations. We want to be able to understand things before we invest in them.

The more time you spend convincing people and explaining them the whats, whys and hows associated with your products and services, the more likely they are to take action. Sometimes the same reason over and over again or even an arbitrary explanation works.

For example, Startup Weekend doesn’t just put out an invite for their event, but also tells you why you should attend it and what will you get out of it. Explaining why you’re offering what you’re offering, makes the prospect more likely to comply with your request for an action.

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4. Create a storyline

Stories have been a part of our lives for generations. It is how we have been able to grasp what history, understand evolution and more. According to Gerard Zaltman’s book, How Customers Think: Essential Insights into the Mind, 95% of cognition happens outside our conscious brain and inside our subconscious, emotional brain.

Stories activate emotional parts of the brain that encourage us to take action. Because they are the only way to feel an experience without actually experiencing it. Businesses need to identify the areas that their customers associate with the most and then create an experience that stimulates their emotions to encourage a desired action.

5. Simplify the solution you offer

No one likes a complicated or a long process to get to a solution. After all, it is supposed to be a solution and not another task. According to the bestselling book, Thinking Fast and Slow, a general ‘law of least effort’ applies to the decision making process in customers.

The amount of effort that the customer needs to put in, is equated with the cost. If the customer feels the solution is not worthy enough of the effort, he will choose the ‘lazy’ way and look for a simpler alternative. So simplify the solution you offer for more conversions.

For example: If you want people to sign up on your landing page, ensure that the signup form only asks for information that is important. The lesser the number of fields, the higher are the chances of the visitor completing them.

6. Use social proof to back your message

People tend to look for customer reviews before trying new products and services. According to the bestselling book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, if you can get similar people to your target audience to vouch for your products and services, it makes the decision making process for your prospects faster.

We are all social creatures and look to others to determine what we need, and what actions we need to take to get there. So show your prospects how others are benefiting from your products/services.

You can use testimonials from your existing customers or show the number of people who have used your products/services to give proof of the results you claim.

What’s next?

If you plan to implement all the above psychological triggers on your website, we assure you results are coming your way. But if you want to make it even better, watch out for our next post in this series for 6 more tips that will take your conversion rates a step higher!

All you need to do apart from following the above conversion rate optimization tips is, share this post with those you think could use it and subscribe to our blog on your way out!


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