With technology advancing continuously, it’s perhaps little surprise the mobile consumer market is growing and evolving at a mind-boggling rate.

It’s estimated there’s going to be a staggering 8.2 billion handheld mobile devices in circulation by 2018 – which stands as a testament to the insane reliance we have on technological devices in the modern era.

As the mobile world changes, so too does the way in which it’s targeted towards consumers. Let’s take a more detailed look at how different aspects of the mobile world are changing.

Mobile Data

With an average of 2.7GB of data traffic expected to be used on every phone per month in 2018 (up by 500% from figures in 2013), it’s perhaps no surprise the amount of handsets themselves are set to drastically rise.

90% of mobile traffic will come from cloud applications by that time, with the numbers expected to grow at 64% a year, every year, from then on.

The numbers are truly staggering when it comes to mobile data usage, with:

  • An 81% growth in media data in 2013
  • 65% of users consuming media via a second screen as they browse the web
  • 1,387 Kilobits of data used every second

With more data being used on a daily basis, this need for a higher demand of phones is only set to increase.

Mobile Market

2017 won’t only see ludicrous levels of handsets, but also appears to be a bountiful time for the mobile sector as a whole.

Sales are estimated to reach as high as $626 billion for the year – numbers which would in and of themselves match the global e-commerce sector.

Retailers have also begun utilising mobile technology to make life easier for themselves. Contactless payments are just one such tech which has changed the commercial world, with mobile tracking of packages and smartphone shopping altering how we see the sector forever.

Business and Consumers

It’s perhaps little surprise brands have changed the manner in which they target their consumers. Using social media has become a particularly popular way to reach out to people, with this platform becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

Figures suggest:

  • 70% of consumers listen to and trust the opinions of others posted online
  • Just 29% trust ads used on mobile phones by industries
  • Similarly, only 47% trust TV adverts and ads in magazines

With such weight given to information found online, it’s no shock businesses have decided to target their marketing campaigns with these factors in mind.

With 1.23 billion people currently using Facebook, there’s a tremendously large pool of people to target. With other sectors also looking sure to grow going forwards, it’s crucial the mobile industry tap into this market.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the exciting world of mobile consumer usage, why not check out the amazing infographic below?


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