Consider it a post Valentine’s gift, but we just launched the Exit Bee WordPress Plugin for you. Yes, now it’s going to be even more easier to stop your website visitors from going away without a conversion – this time, with literally no coding skills required.

Here’s everything you need to know!

A little background

Exit Bee is an on-site conversion optimization tool. It helps you track the movements of a website visitor from the time he lands on your web page. Detecting his exit intent, Exit Bee helps you trigger an on-site retargeting campaign, giving you a chance to convert this lost visitor before he leaves.

We like to call it, the ultimate bounce prevention technology.

Exit Bee campaigns are used to grow email lists, promote products and content, boost social media following, recover abandoned carts, generate more leads and a lot more – with just timely and highly personalized on-site retargeting.

What’s new?

We made it even more easier for you to use Exit Bee on your WordPress site with an all new plugin.

Exit Bee campaigns typically requires you to copy-paste a simple code on your website. But we know how some of our users don’t know how to do the same or don’t have the resources to get it done. So how about a simple key that activates it all?

How to get started with the Exit Bee plugin?

It’s now a simple 6 step process to get your Exit Bee  campaigns up and running to convert your website visitors.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Install Exit Bee either the directory or by uploading the file to your server (Upload the folder “wp-exitbee” to “/wp-content/plugins”

exit bee wordpress plugin

2. Add the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

You can search the WP directory of plugins by looking for “Exit Bee”. Click “Install”, then activate the plugin, move to “Settings” to add your Exit Bee website key. (Read the step below to know how to discover your website key.)

exit bee wordpress plugin 2

Alternatively, you can download the plugin from here and upload it to your website.

3. Add your Exit Bee key in Settings to activate plugin

Login to your account at and go to “Website Settings” from the top left sandwich menu to reveal your website key.

This website key is different for every website and is generated by Exit Bee in-app.

exit bee wordpress plugin - website key

Add this website key on the Exit Bee plugin settings of your WordPress site:

exit bee wordpress plugin - enter key

4. If you’re using WooCommerce, select the “Enable Orders Integration” checkbox for sure

wooc - exit bee wordpress plugin

5. Add your website and create one or more Exit Bee campaigns on your account

Add the complete URL of the website you want to create an Exit Bee campaign on at this step.

enter website - exit bee wordpress plugin

After this, simply select the type of campaign you want to run and start creating it. Once you’re done creating the campaign, activate it from your list of Exit Bee campaigns.

activate campaign - exit bee plugin

6. Enjoy increased conversions from the traffic to your site!

Need ideas on the type of campaigns you can run on Exit Bee?


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