Most online stores lose out on their sales because of their shipping policies. Some of them charge an additional amount right at the checkout and there are some who are unclear about the policies – both of which turn shoppers instantly off from interacting with the brand.

Pretty obvious if you look at it from the customer point of view, right?

You are happy with a product’s price, add it to your cart along with some other items and at the final step of checkout, you come to know that an additional $50 are being charged for the shipping!

Your very first approach is going to be to turn around, abandon all those products in the cart and look for a site that doesn’t give you shipping shockers.

Then why expect anything different from your online store’s visitors?

If you have been noticing a cart abandonment due to your shipping policies, here are a few ways to save your sales:

1. Make it visible right from the start

It is important for your visitors to know about your shipping policies right from the start. Adding a constant display bar across all your web pages and the bottom of all product pages, is a great place to start. Let them know when and where they can avail free shipping or how much you would charge for it otherwise.

Like Forever21 has a constant banner to remind their customers of how much they need to shop for to avail the free shipping.

forever21 shipping information

2. Retarget them before they abandon your cart

If you have noticed way too many shoppers leaving from your cart, right after you had added shipping charges, retarget them before they leave. Offer them free shipping or information on how they can avail free shipping by purchasing products worth a set amount. Don’t leave out on the opportunity to turn these visitors into customers.

For example, Motoraid retargets its cart abandoners with a custom discount encouraging them to make the purchase right away. This recovered over 40% of their abandoned carts! (You can read the case study here).

exit-bee-cart-abandonment (2)

3. Localise as much as possible

Ask the visitor from where he is to be able to display product prices and shipping in his currency. If you do the conversions right at the checkout, you’re likely to lose out on the customer just for being ‘dishonest’ about the shipping costs or creating confusion for the shopper by nudging him to make conversions himself.

For instance, House of Blouse asks the visitor the location he is from – this enables them to change their pricing in a local currency and makes it easier for the shopper to decide what he wants.


4. Understand the shipping method they prefer

There are times when shoppers simply abandon purchase because the shipping methods don’t suit their needs. You may be offering multiple shipping methods, but none seem to stop the loss of sales. Run a smart survey to understand what shipping method are your customers looking for the most and then find a way to incorporate the same.

5. Incentivise free shipping

We understand how your eCommerce model needs to incorporate shipping costs sometimes. But if there’s a work around, why not associate a referral marketing campaign with it? Ask your visitors to invite their friends to your store and offer them some percent off on their shipping. A win-win situation for both!


6. Creating a sense of exclusivity

If there is no way for you to offer an off on the shipping, let them know of the value of the products they are leaving behind. Creating a sense of exclusivity will make them want to own the products before anyone else does, and that’s exactly what you are looking for. Aren’t you?

7. Or generate a sense of urgency

Let them know how the products they are deciding to leave behind are available in limited numbers. When they know that they might not find the products the next time they come back, they will automatically revert to completing the purchase right then. No one wants to lose a good deal just because of a shipping cost!

Not sure how to create an urgency? Here are the 14 ways you can use the sense of urgency to increase eCommerce sales

8. Retarget them on social media

If your shopper has already abandoned the cart and left, it is time for you to focus on recovering the customer. Let them know how you’re offering a limited period free shipping, how he could get it for free or how the product he is interested in has further dropped in price. Don’t lose an opportunity to get a customer for your store.


For an average online shopper, there are way too many options when it comes to who to shop from. Just because your shipping policy or costs don’t seem friendly to the shopper, doesn’t mean you let them slip away.

Focus on understanding what shipping methods are your ideal customers comfortable with and optimize accordingly for maximum results.

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