Customer engagement is the only hack you need to grow your sales. No matter how many advertisements your business is running, it is the only way to get your ideal consumers involved with what your business has to offer, explore your products and services, and purchase them. After all, the better they understand the value you’re offering, the more likely they become to convert. Right?

So we decided to look into how quizzes – an interactive form of content often used by businesses, can be used to drive more sales.

But before we get right to it, here’s understanding why quizzes are being explored as a content format to drive more sales for businesses across the B2B and B2C industries.

Why make use of quizzes?

36% percent of marketers report that creating engaging content is one of their biggest challenges. No matter how up-to-date they remain with what’s trending in their target market, there is often one blog or one site out there amongst the millions who would beat them to it.

This is where quizzes step in to improve active customer engagement and push them on the path of sales.

How can you align quizzes with business goals?

Now you might think that quizzes are just for entertaining your target market for a while. As soon as they are over, the consumer is simply going to leave and forget about what your brand has offered or not even bother to explore what you have.


When combined with a strategy, quizzes can actually use the interest levels of a consumer to boost business goals. Here are a few examples of how to use quizzes to bag more customers!

1. Shareable quizzes to boost brand awareness

If you’re a brand that is focusing on getting some name in the market, then this one is for you. Create quizzes around your audience interests that will in the end show results that they are more likely to share. For instance, have you seen those quizzes where the type of pizza you choose actually determines your personality and how you instantly share those funny results with your friends?

Yes, interest based shareable quizzes are great to get a word-of-mouth without directly aiming at the same.

share quiz

2. Personality quizzes for product recommendations

Want to understand your customers better? Well, the only way you can encourage them to interact with you is make it interesting. Quizzes are a great way to make product recommendations. You get to understand the preferences of a consumer and accordingly suggest products or services that your brand thinks is the best for him.

Now, if you had asked a customer what he likes out of the blue? Just how likely is he to answer it for you?

product recommendation quiz

3. Knowledge quiz to understand business message

You have been running various campaigns all through the year to promote your products and services. While you’re experimenting with your tonality and the messaging you make use of to reach out to your audience, it is important to understand what your possible consumers make of it. Imagine being assumed as a brand that sells cosmetics, when all you’re selling are health supplements!

Conduct a knowledge quiz amongst your existing customers or those who are visiting your website. Ask questions that give them a score on how well they understand what your business does, in lieu of winning something exciting – of course!

brand understanding quiz

4. Lookbook quizzes to increase product discoverability, boost sales and order value

If your business goal is to boost your product discoverability, increase the sales and the average order value, lookbook quizzes are a great way to subtly nudge your customers on the path of purchase.

Create a quiz that is similar to a personality test, that helps the consumer put together his look for the season. This will serve two purposes – keep the customer engaged and happy with what he will achieve in the end, drive them to making the purchase from you.

lookbook quiz

5. Quizzes for lead generation

These could be any of the above type of quizzes, only combined with a lead generation tactic. Instead of revealing the results instantly to the consumer, use a quick form to encourage him to share his contact information for the same. A simple name and email address to reveal the address could go a long way to grow your email list and understanding your consumers.

lead generation quiz

What should you keep in mind?

Even though customer engagement should be the primary goal of your quiz, it is important to keep another thing in mind – the interaction a consumer makes should leave behind enough data for you to create marketing campaigns at a later stage.

You could ask the consumer to login with his social media accounts before starting the quiz or encourage him to share his email address with you to reveal the results. But remember to make it easy for the consumer to participate in the quiz and ensure he sees the value in it!

Creating the perfect quiz might take you a while, but be sure to set aside time to understand what your target audience is willing to interact with. The closer you are to their expectations, the better are the results you will achieve from it!

Have you ever included quizzes in your marketing campaigns?

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