The content marketing industry is constantly changing. And so are the trends everyone’s trying to keep up with.

Today we’ll talk about power words and how you can use them in your website copy to increase conversions.

Sure thing—this strategy is nothing new, and everyone at least thinks they know about it by now. But still, many content creators are only familiar with the basic principles, leaving the full potential of powerful words aside.

So let’s take a closer look at power words and how you can use them effectively.

Power words? What are they?

power words

Let’s start with a no-brainer to refresh your memory.

Power words are words that trigger an emotional or psychological response in those who read them. Why are they named like this? Because the way they persuade people is irresistible.

And here’s the most beautiful thing of all: If you use them right, your readers may not even notice that those words are there! They’ll just work.

To make it all happen, you simply need to find the right approach to tap into your readers’ emotions. Here’s how.

1. Build trust

build trust power words

Trust is a key component of email and content marketing. You won’t be able to make your readers listen to you in the first place if they don’t trust you—let alone make them do something you want them to do.

That’s why building trust is one of the first steps to future success. If you want people to trust you, use power words and phrases like:

  • don’t worry
  • no risk
  • reliable
  • improved
  • verified
  • tested

You can put these words close to your call-to- actions or scatter them throughout your copy when describing a service or a product.

2. Make lives easier

We’re all looking for shortcuts and easier ways of doing things. Why spend extra energy and effort when there’s a much simpler solution? Especially if it’s somewhere close. Really close.

Tell people that you have this kind of solution. And that they won’t have to spend more than 10 minutes of their time on it.

Here are some powerful words to go with your offer:

  • no sweat
  • painless
  • straightforward
  • smooth
  • quick
  • complete

You can add these words right into your headline. “But why the headline?” you may ask. Because what’s the point of making your audience read through even the first paragraph when they could just read the headline?

Remember? Simple solutions.

3. Make them fear

fear power words

No, not by telling horror stories. Leave those for the next camping trip.

The goal here is to make your readers act on instinct. When you know something bad is about to happen to you, you’ll try to do whatever it takes to avoid it.

It’s the same with writing copy. You can motivate people to take action based on what they don’t want to happen.

To evoke fear, use power words like:

  • mistake
  • fail
  • danger
  • caution
  • hazardous
  • risky

Just remember one thing. Apart from exposing their fears, you also need to present a solution. There’s no point of scaring people if you can’t show them the way out.

4. Provoke curiosity

You all know this urge well. When you get just a hint of a certain subject without getting the rest of the story, it can be the most frustrating thing ever.

But remember how satisfying it is to finally get what you want? This is the power of curiosity—and the reason why it’s a good idea to use it in order to get more conversions.

You can use the following powerful words to make your readers curious:

  • private
  • untold
  • priceless
  • forbidden
  • insider
  • shocking
  • stunning

You’ll want to use these curiosity-inspiring words like a good spice: not too much, but enough to do its thing and bring flavor to your content.

5. Call for anger

If you’re aiming to pull out people’s emotions, don’t forget about anger.

Risky? Yes. You have to be very careful when you’re betting on making someone angry. Direct this anger toward all the frustrating, terrible, and most-hated things in your industry. Then tell people that there’s a solution.

This strategy works pretty much the same way as fear. Except when it comes to anger, people tend to be more active. Just think about it like this: Are you more likely to chase a spider on the wall or a fly that’s been buzzing around your head?

Here are some anger-provoking power words to use with caution:

  • evil
  • provoke
  • loser
  • waste
  • coward
  • weak
  • exploit
  • worse

With stronger emotions comes a more visible result. That’s why using powerful words that inspire anger has proven to be effective.

6. Give compliments

compliment power word

Who doesn’t like receiving a compliment?

People love knowing that they look good. It’s not only about themselves but also about what others think of them.

And if it just so happens that you can help people look good (and, more importantly, feel successful)—let them know! Tell them how great your offer will make them look and feel.

These power words will help you give effective compliments:

  • mind-blowing
  • amazing
  • elegant
  • stunning
  • effective
  • remarkable
  • brilliant


As you can see, it doesn’t take much to add weight to your message with a little help from some specific words. Sure, you’ll have to go through a certain learning curve before being able to tap into people’s emotions easily.

But you’ll find out that it’s all worth it after seeing the first results your efforts bring. Don’t limit yourself; find your own power words to use in your website copy. And you’ll see—just a few words really can increase your conversions.

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