We’ve always talked about how important a customer’s experience is when he is interacting with your business. Even a visit to your website should leave him wanting to come back and engage with you again. And with the rising digital competition, it is becoming increasingly important to create a loyal website visitors and customers.

This is where your website or landing page strategy comes into play.

You want them to deliver your value proposition effectively and at the same time ensure that the visitor converts before leaving – micro or macro conversion.

A lot of business websites today implement popups to grab the visitor’s attention or redirect him to a page that he is a little more likely to convert on. Sometimes businesses implement these popups to serve as a path to driving their visitors towards their end goal.

While the objective behind the implementation isn’t really wrong, the approach is.

Think of how many times you visit a certain and get bombarded by a popup like this:

welcome discount popup

Like seriously, you’ve visited the website before and you have already felt welcomed – just how many times would you like to be welcomed by this little popup? You can’t even avail that extra 10% off anymore because you already redeemed it in the first purchase.

Eventually the thought of not being able to get this 10% off on your purchase is going to nudge you towards looking for more alternatives. And that’s it. As a business, I have lost you as my customer!

When implementing popups on your website, it is important that you ensure the strategy behind them is well thought through. It isn’t just about the first time visitors to your website, you need to keep in mind what the returning visitor’s experience would be and how you can make it better.

You can’t possibly bombard the same visitor with the same popup time and again, hoping he won’t get irritated or would convert anyhow!

The need for popup personalization

Personalization has become the need of the hour through this year and to as far as we can see, it is here to stay.

The only way for a business to appeal to his target market, is to personalize his outreach to them and deliver an experience that is tailor made to suit their specific needs. If a consumer sees no value being added to him, he becomes a lot less likely to convert or even engage with that business.

In our guide to effective personalization of Exit Bee popups, we discussed how important it was to make it all about the customer. Taking a customer first approach is by far the most effective conversion optimization tactic that even the industry experts swear by.

Personalization formulas that always work

Wondering how you could personalize your exit intent popups for maximum conversions? Well, we have a few tactics that always work and you could get started with them with these easy formulas right away.

1. Interests + timing

The very first formula of course takes the interest of the visitor into account. If you want to personalize a customer’s experience, cater to his interests. The higher the level of context, the greater is the conversion rate.

For instance, a visitor is browsing through the women’s clothing section on your online store. Just as this person is about to leave your store, retargeting him with a message to subscribe for good deals on heels will make him more likely to convert. But if you targeted this person with a message for deals on men shoes, he was just going to leave without any kind of conversion.

interest and timing popup

2. Activity + timing

Another great way to retarget your website visitors without seeming intrusive, is behavioural analysis. Understand what your visitors are doing, which pages interest them the most, what’s driving the most interaction and the micro conversions possible across your website. Based on what they’re doing, retarget them with a campaign that is relevant to a conversion associated to the same.

For instance, if I am going through your business website blog, instead of trying to make me start a free trial of your product, you could retarget me with a message to subscribe to your newsletter instead.

exit bee subscribe campaign

3. Micro conversion + timing

One of the formulas that has always worked for different types of businesses, is offering a micro conversion to the website visitors. It is important to understand that not every visitor is on the conversion stage of your cycle. He could be just exploring his options, trying to understand what you have to offer and not make a bigger commitment right away. Understand the type of visitors your website gets the most and retarget them with a option to micro convert.

For instance, if you’re offering a product that simplifies some of their day to day tasks, make sure you are also giving them the option to ask for a demo before they leave the website.

offer a demo

Or this page that simply wants them to like their Facebook page instead of directly opting for their services.

contensify popup

4. Visits + timing

Alright, your website is always going to have two types of visitors: new and returning. In your zeal to convert the new visitors, don’t keep bombarding your returning visitors with the same message on every visit. It is only going to bother them and seem like irrelevant messages.

Instead, targeting your visitors based on their number of visits is a great strategy. If he is a returning visitor, make sure he sees a campaign that is relevant to his last interaction. Maybe a cross selling or up selling campaign based on his last purchase, or simply a campaign offering him loyalty points in lieu of an action.


No matter what you do, make sure that your campaign doesn’t get triggered as soon as the visitor lands on your website. You should be giving the visitor enough time to browse through the content you have, consume the information and understand the value proposition, before getting bombarded with a message.

Ready to start with your first Exit Bee campaign to convert your website visitors? Here are a few resources to help you get started effectively:

ecomm cta 2

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