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5 Ways To Jumpstart Your Email Marketing Results For 2017

As email marketing carries on into this year as a must-have business growth strategy, here’s taking a look into a few ways to jumpstart your results. While some businesses think an initial lull period causes no harm, it is important to understand that getting a little ahead of your competitors right from the start, will only give you a competitive edge.

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Vanhishikha Bhargava 0 Comments February 7, 2017 Email Marketing Marketing

10 Ways To Make Your Lead Generation Website Convert On The First Visit

Companies with lead generation websites need to pay a lot more attention to CRO, because complacency is a killer. This is not just an opinion; it’s backed up by a mountain of data.

Straight North, an SEO firm headquartered in Chicago, uncovered a surprising insight on user behavior in the course of validating more than 300,000 online sales leads generated from its agency and client websites. A whopping 84 percent of conversions came from first-time visitors.

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Today's Expert 0 Comments December 6, 2016 Conversion Rate Optimization Landing Page Optimisation Marketing

How To Create Your Unique Selling Proposition And Get More Conversions

A unique selling proposition is what gives your brand a personality and makes it different from others.

But unless you are lucky enough to operate in a market with few or no other direct competitors, it will take a bit more effort to create and pitch an outstanding unique selling proposition that is genuinely ‘one of a kind’. So to help you get there, we have gathered 5 tips that will guide you through creating a killer USP.

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Victoria Stamati 0 Comments November 25, 2016 Conversion Rate Optimization Landing Page Optimisation Marketing

What Popups Suit Your Business The Best And How To Use Them Effectively

Like we have mentioned earlier, popups have always been scrutinized. There have been those in the industry that have claimed they bring down the results a website could generate. But there have also been those who have experienced their effectiveness and almost swear by them!

So how can your business website use them? And which ones are the best suited for you? Let’s take a look!

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Pavlos Linos 0 Comments November 18, 2016 Bounce Prevention Conversion Rate Optimization Exit Intent

8 Call-to-Action A/B Tests to Run on Overlays to Get More Email Subscribers

While you can test just about every aspect of the overlay – design layout, colors, marketing message, CTA and even triggers, it is important to start small. By testing small changes you’re able to measure results more effectively and understand what clicks with your audience the best.

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Vanhishikha Bhargava 1 Comment November 17, 2016 Bounce Prevention Conversion Rate Optimization Email Marketing Exit Intent

Avoiding conversion tracking mistakes: Know the difference between leads and conversions

If you have been in the marketing industry, there is certainly one demand you have come across – increasing the traffic to a website as the primary goal. Most businesses focus on activities that help them drive a decent amount of traffic to their website, which is then expected to explore the products and services they offer, and maybe, turn into leads if not customers.

Let’s be honest, the goal isn’t entirely wrong. You do need to bring people to your business and make them understand what you’re about, before trying to sell anything to them.

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Pavlos Linos 0 Comments November 11, 2016 Conversion Rate Optimization

Why The Net Promoter Score Is Everything Your Business Needs To Care About

The one and only thing that can make a business grow sustainably in a competitive market, is its customers – loyal customers. If you build a product and offer an experience that people love, they won’t just remain loyal to your brand, but also recommend it to their friends and family.

So here’s how you can use the net promoter score to boost your customer lifetime value.

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Vanhishikha Bhargava 0 Comments November 9, 2016 Content Marketing Conversion Rate Optimization Marketing

Why Your Ecommerce Business Is Losing 68% Sales And What You Can Do About It

According to the Baymard Institute, an average of 68.63% consumers are abandoning their online shopping carts. And the remaining 30% are either completing their purchases or are yet to be made aware of what your brand offers.

Losing 68 out of 100 potential revenue generation opportunities, is losing a lot of money! And the practice of abandoning carts is probably going to stay for a while.

Here’s taking a look at why you’re losing so much sales and what you can do about it.

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Vanhishikha Bhargava 4 Comments April 28, 2016 Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization Ecommerce

5 Reasons Why People Love Shopping Online (And How You Can Make The Most Of It)

Ecommerce is on the rise, but ever wondered why exactly your target audience wants to shop online? Despite the fact that the concept of retail stores is still very popular?

Even though businesses spend a considerable amount of time trying to define their buyer personas and ideal customers, they often overlook the main psychology behind online shopping.

Here’s taking a look at the top 5 reasons why businesses shop online.

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Vanhishikha Bhargava 34 Comments April 26, 2016 Ecommerce