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Changing with the times: The future of personalization (2017)

Personalization has been the high point of marketing this year. Every marketer, across different industries has been trying to leverage content marketing based on what their target market really wants. But the sad truth is, despite the amount of data available across the digital platforms, marketers aren’t able to personalize their customer experience effectively.

Here’s taking a deeper look into what personalization is, its importance and how you can get ready to leverage its power in 2017.

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Vanhishikha Bhargava 4 Comments October 13, 2016 Content Marketing Email Marketing Marketing Social Media Marketing

Chatbots Are The Future Of Marketing – Are You Ready For Them?

The need for digital marketing is rising by the day. And with the number of platforms that are getting added to the list, we think this marketing tactic is here to stay. So do the marketers need an assistant? Someone who could cover up for them to offer a seamless experience to the customers?

Here’s taking a look at how chatbots could be the future of digital marketing.

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Vanhishikha Bhargava 0 Comments July 9, 2016 Marketing