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13 Hacks To Reduce Bounce Rates And Keep Your Website Visitors Engaged Longer

Internet users have a really short attention span. You can allure them to your website with catchy advertisement or an article titled to peak their interest, but how long would they stay on your website? That’s hard to say.

If your Google Analytics has been screaming of a very high bounce rate (something to the tune of 80% consistently), you’re not alone. Most business websites and blogs face a similar issue, no matter how well thought they optimization strategy is.

So here’s taking a look at a few ways to keep a visitor engaged on your website for a longer period.

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Vanhishikha Bhargava 1 Comment August 23, 2016 Content Marketing Conversion Rate Optimization Ecommerce Exit Intent Landing Page Optimisation

How Media Companies And Blogs Can Reduce Bounce Rates And Increase Conversions With Exit Intent Popups

Look around and you’ll see just how many individuals, brands and businesses have taken to content marketing. For that matter, you will see how focused everyone has become at establishing their digital presence – be it their website, social media or communities where their target audience is the most active.

But as these numbers increase, the challenges of converting people are also increasing. Businesses can rarely get their visitors to subscribe to their newsletter – no matter how well their content is crafted. Case in point being, media companies.

Here’s taking a look at how exit intent popups can reduce your bounce rates and increase conversions.

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Vanhishikha Bhargava 0 Comments August 4, 2016 Bounce Prevention Content Marketing Conversion Rate Optimization Exit Intent Marketing