Ever wondered what your strategy could look like if you knew what exactly worked for your competitor and where they ended up wasting resources? The answer is – effective.

Your marketing strategy would be a lot more effective if you knew how the market responds to the offer you make. It is practically impossible to track and analyse every effort your market competition is making.

But here are a few tools that you need to add to the digital marketing toolkit we shared with you some time back for competitor analysis:

1. SEMrush

SEMrush provides competitive data for digital marketing professionals. The tool offers a plethora of features ranging from analytics and reporting, keyword research, position tracking, site audit to even a social media tool to keep a track of your campaigns. It also helps in brand monitoring and and analyzes Google ranking factors affecting your website’s performance to give SEO ideas.

All you need to do is enter your website domain, keyword or a URL you want to analyse, and the tool will give back to you amazing insights for a competitive edge.

competitor research tools - SEMrush

Here’s what the trial of the tool gave us. There are a lot many data points you can get access to when you upgrade.

competitor research tools - SEMrush2

The plans for this all-in-one tool start from $69 and go up till $549. They also give you the option to create a custom plan with them based on your requirements.

2. Compete

Compete is a nifty tool for businesses that has been into competitive analysis for about 15 years. Through its self service platform – PRO, its data helps discover market opportunities, monitor the competition activity closely and also benchmark the performance on various channels.

PRO gives you access to consumer behavioral data that helps you understand which target audience you should invest your time and budget in. It also helps you recognize which marketing strategies are working the best in your industry and which tend to fail too often – also giving you insights into untapped opportunities.

The tool also offers an Enterprise plan that includes all the premium PRO features, is scalable in nature and offers a dedicated customer success manager to ensure the team knows how to leverage from the tool when an opportunity comes.

competitor research tools - compete

Watch the complete PRO video here.

For pricing though, you will need to contact them.

3. Alexa

An Amazon.com owned company, Alexa offers a complete marketing stack for competitive analysis and strategic business growth. The tool enables you to do a SEO audit, conduct keyword research, analyze using on-page SEO checker and tap into competitive intelligence.

It lets you know what content on your website is optimized and fit for competitive efforts in the digital space. The tool also shares insights into what the competitors are currently doing to acquire the target market and which of those techniques are working the most for them. This also helps marketers identify untapped market opportunities.

competitor research tools - alexa

Alexa offers a 7 days free trial. Post which, their plans begin at $9.99 per month and go up till $149 per month.

4. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is a nifty tool for getting insights into any website or app. The company offers multiple products to businesses for catering to different competitive analysis needs – SimilarWeb PRO, Website Ranking, Mobile App Ranking, Audience and more.

SimilarWeb PRO offers a website, industry and app analysis to reveal insightful data that help businesses strategise better against their market competition. The data includes traffic and engagement metrics, SEO and PPC keywords, audience interests, traffic sources, popular pages, industry leaders and a lot more.

All you need to do with this tool too is simply enter the website you want to analyze and hit ‘search’.

competitor research tools - similarweb

The tool then displays insights into the traffic of the website, referrals, search performance, social media, audience, similar websites and mobile apps via a comprehensive and intuitive analytics dashboard.

competitor research tools - similar web

You get a free demo with SimilarWeb; post which their plans begin at $199 per month. They also have an ultimate and enterprise plan to cater to custom needs, for which you need to contact them.

There are a lot many other tools available online for a thorough competitor analysis or getting a sneak peak into what your competition is up to. A post on Kissmetrics lists 25 such sneaky tools that you could look into if the above four we picked, don’t suit your need.

Happy spying!

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