Rich media is a form of engaging content that has been a buzzword in the marketing industry for some time now. Online marketers – digital and content, are consistently looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competition by producing high quality content.

And that’s exactly why rich media should be a part of your marketing strategy. It gives you the opportunity to deliver high quality content with dynamic elements that ensure a rich user experience.

Some of the rich media that we come across on a daily basis include:

  • Podcasts
  • Ebooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Videos
  • Interactive content

Even though all these media are different in nature, each form adds value to a content marketing strategy. They provide engaging, high quality and shareable content.

Here’s why every content marketer must make use of rich media:

1. It brings you closer to where your audience is online

If you want to build your brand online, you will consistently need to seek out places where your audience is – especially their prefered social media platforms. This allows you to develop a rich media content strategy accordingly to target them. The only approach that works is reaching out to them with something they like and not wait for the vice versa.

Rich media such as infographics, videos, interactives and white papers allow you to create visual marketing campaigns for a highly targeted audience.

For example: The Worlds Apart Film makes use of rich media on their website to give the visitor the experience of watching a movie, while he browses through the other categories. To see it in action, click here.

worlds apart film - rich media

2. It lets you dive deeper into the industry

When you want to let your target audience know you’re an industry leader, a 1000 words blog post is just not going to work. Rich media allows you to dive deeper into the industry to give your audience an in-depth analysis of your niche. And this type of content is today known as resources or authoritative documents.

Such content pieces can be used to create an authoritative buzz around a marketing campaign. For example, white papers and case studies are known to drive in conversions. They allow you to clearly reach out with a value proposition to your target segment as well as evaluate ROIs easily.

3. It lets you increase engagement through content

Search engine results are focused at serving the searchers with the best possible content – something that has been engaged with previously during other searches. The engagement signals and quality of content weigh in heavily while determining the SERP of a landing page or a business website.

rich media and increased engagement

view full infographic here

Rich media allows you to offer your target audience something more than mere textual content. It adds an extra layer of engagement that is targeted at engaging them. This increases the time they spend on the website, pages per visit and the average dwell time. For example, even a simple parallax scroll on your landing page, gives the visitors more to interact or engage with.

boost engagement cta

4. It helps turn visitors into followers and customers

The audience that follows you on social media platforms are those followers that are more likely to convert. They are the people who you can test your marketing strategy on, improvise it for better results and still not lose out on the chance of converting them.

Rich media allows you to create a far more effective content strategy for your website visitors and social followers. It offers them interactive content like animations, videos, podcasts, narratives etc – which also speaks of how you make a special effort to engage with them on a regular basis.

5. It helps you get more user behavior insights

Unless your audience interacts with your business, it is hard to understand their behavior as a user. The only way you can gain actionable insights into user behavior, is to use rich media like surveys, polls and quizzes.

Think of a question that will not just add value to them, but also your marketing goals. The interaction – be it in the form of a survey, feedback, poll or a quiz, should be able to get you actionable insights. They should always feel that the business wants an opportunity to understand and serve them better.

6. It allows you to repurpose content easily

Rich media allows you to repurpose your content easily. You just need to identify the main idea you would like to take forward to present to your customers and then turn it into different content formats – videos, slide decks, ebooks, scripts, infographics, etc.

For example: You can turn a blog post or an ebook into a video, smaller snackable posts for social media, podcasts, infographics, social advertisements, etc. Repurposing of content allows you to offer the visitor a consistent message while he is moved through the conversion funnel.

7. It boosts content performance

With content marketing still remaining a trend in the digital industry, creation of quality and unique content is no longer the only goal of marketers. What they are now aiming at is getting 10X more engagement on the content they create – be it in the form of likes, shares, retweets, reposts or simple linked to on multiple platforms.

Rich media boosts content performance by manifolds as it is more interactive in nature instead of the usual textual posts. Adding interactive graphics, rich graphics, videos or a podcast to your posts along with the textual content, will grab the visitor’s attention and also nudge him to make an interaction.

Over to you

When you use rich media in your content strategy, you need to make sure they can be crawled easily by the search engines. Including Flash and AJAX javascript in your rich media – irrespective of their format, is a step you must not miss. Else your website or landing page could remain unindexed or get categorised for being low quality – either ways affecting your SERP.

Remember, using rich media with keeping SEO in mind and a developers team in tow, will help you set up the campaign easily. And to succeed at using rich media in a content marketing strategy, making use of as many channels or platforms to deliver a consistent message is the key.

Here are some numbers to give you the final nudge to use rich media properly in your content marketing strategy:

rich media and seo

view full infographic here

Have you ever made use of rich media in your content marketing strategy? Do you think it is a must-use this year for content marketers?

We would love to hear your take!

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