The eCommerce industry has come a really long way. You can practically find an online store for just about everything – clothes, shoes, grocery or even those little stationery items!

Businesses are taking their products online to give themselves a greater exposure in the digital world – with the number of internet users increasing by the day, that’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

But with the trend of going digital increasing and becoming really common, most eCommerce businesses now face the challenge of getting sustainable sales throughout the year. Since people have so many options, they rarely stay loyal to one store. They want to look for better deals, better products and better after sale services.

Now the thing is, that you might have it all but your visitors don’t really end up seeing it.

The reason?

These online shoppers have a very low attention span and are usually shopping on-the-go; which means they are not really going through all your web pages and maybe some of your great deals are not getting the attention they deserve.

So what do you use to stop losing these visitors and turn them into customers?

Exit intent popups of course!

  • Popups – Because they work.
  • Exit intent – Because you don’t want to be intrusive and disrupt their natural browsing. You need to give them enough time to look through your web pages and products they are interested in. Only if they show an intent of leaving without purchasing something, should you target them with a personalized campaign.
    For what can you use exit intent popups on your online store?

1. To get people to subscribe to your newsletter

Email marketing works the best for eCommerce brands. People like to be notified of ongoing sales directly and are more likely to convert when reached out individually. You can use an exit intent campaign to nudge a leaving visitor to hence subscribe to your newsletter for frequent deals and special discounts.

Here’s a campaign that does just that!

folklore edit

2. To promote a new/ popular range of products you just added

A visitor could have reached your store while searching for something on Google or an advertisement you’re running. It is not necessary that he goes beyond a few pages related to what interests him before leaving. You can use this as an opportunity to promote a new range of products to him before he actually leaves – you never know it might grab his attention enough for him to make a purchase!

Here’s a campaign that targets the leaving visitor with a message to check out a popular product range before leaving and redirect him to the web page:

popular product range 1 (1)

3. To direct your visitors to an ongoing sale

Continuing on the point above, you could also promote an ongoing sale to a visitor who hasn’t yet stumbled upon those web pages and is leaving your website. Everybody likes to bag good deals so go ahead and notify him of it before it is over! The shopper is only going to thank you for it later.

For example, here, back in December, the store used an exit intent popup to target leaving visitors with a campaign that promoted their Christmas special sale items. The popup provided an easy redirect to the sale page for those who were interested.

folklore-exitbee3 - ecommerce case study

4. To get feedback on your products

If you have been noticing a considerable number of visitors leaving your store without making a purchase, it is time for some self reflecting. And what’s better than getting a first hand feedback from those who are leaving your website? Use an exit intent campaign to request a feedback on your products to those who are leaving. Promise them that you would better their experience and take their feedback seriously, and you’ll actually have a lot of people converting on the campaign.

5. To get some ratings and reviews on products

Social proof is becoming very important for eCommerce businesses. Online stores that have more product ratings and reviews are chosen more than those without by online shoppers. Online consumers always want to be sure about what they are purchasing and from whom – the best way for them to know is that another person like them has purchased a product from the store and is happy with it!

6. To boost your social following

Now who doesn’t want a good social following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other platform? It gives you the opportunity to regularly target your audience with posts around your products, deals and sales without seeming too pushy. But if a visitor has made a purchase from your store, it isn’t necessary he would follow you on social too. So before he leaves, why not ask him to follow you for more deals!

7. To get a bit of word-of-mouth promotion

Alternatively, you could also use an exit intent popup to encourage the leaving visitor to share his purchase with his friends and family on social media. This will not just boost your website traffic but also get you more sales as it serves as an indirect recommendation. All you need to ensure is that the shopper has had a good experience on your store!

For instance, you could create a referral campaign wherein the visitors could invite their friends to get an off on their next purchase:

invite friend popup

8. To up-sell or cross-sell products

Up-selling and cross selling marketing is always a part of the eCommerce business’s monetization model. So why not make it all the more effective by using exit intent popups to complement the strategy? The moment you see a visitor leaving from the website without a purchase or a product page that he spent a considerable time on, target him with a custom up-sell or cross sell campaign. This will boost your sales as well as make the visitor feel like he is bagging an even better deal!

Here’s a campaign that recommends a ‘good deal’ that the visitor can bag before leaving – doesn’t it look all too good to abandon?

upsell campaign

9. To reduce your cart abandonment rate

The average cart abandonment rate is as high as 69%. Imagine the amount of sales you’re actually losing. These are people who are interested in purchasing the products from your store, even add it to the cart, but don’t complete the purchase because of one reason or the other. So before they abandon all those items and leave your website, target them with a campaign that encourages them to complete their purchase. You could either let them know that the products might run out of stock by the time they come back or simply offer them an additional discount on the cart total.

For example, this online store exchanges a coupon with a visitor who is leaving from their checkout process in lieu of their email address. They don’t just grow their email list, but also recover most of their sales!

house of blouse ecommerce case study 2 house of blouse cart abandonment 2

10. To offer personalized recommendations

If you’re tracking your website visitor’s on-site behaviour, you would be able to gauge what he is interested in more. This can help you create a personalized marketing campaign that recommends him similar products or popular ones in the same category. So if a visitor is leaving your website from a certain section, recommend him the fast selling items from the range – something that he might have missed while browsing through your store. This campaign will not just recover your sale but also increase the sale value if strategized well!

For instance, this campaign here recommends the leaving visitor to check out similar t-shirts to what he was browsing before leaving.

product recommendations (1)

Getting started..

Ready to boost your online store’s sales by recovering all those leaving visitors? Well, if you have a plan or a strategy, we have the technology for you!

Well, here’s what you got to do:

get more customers 2

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