Marketing is all about being able to bring in conversions and leads.

And that’s exactly the reason why most marketers lose out on their prospects. Focusing too much on scoring a lead often results in ignoring the efforts that need to be made for establishing long term relationships with customers.

“Lead generation is practical, measurable and not about the feelings of advertisers or marketers. It’s about meeting the needs of people looking to accomplish specific things.”

– Mike King, iPullRank

So how do you ensure both your interests as well as the customer’s interests are met? By creating data driven customer personas.

Different personas seek different solutions for a similar problem and hence, convert at different levels and rates. Understanding these different segments of your audience allows you to reach out to them with targeted messages for effective lead generation.

Here’s what your data-driven lead generation campaign should look like:

Understand your audience -> Prepare your campaign -> Reach out to your audience -> Fulfill their needs -> Capture leads -> Qualify leads -> Nurture leads -> Close

So how do you collect data from your target audience to create personas?

1. Segment your mailing list

If you’re running lead generation campaigns, it is almost certain that you’re also building your mailing list. But in that mailing list are people who are seeking different solutions for similar problems and you need to be able to recognize them.

You can segment your mailing list while generating leads by using services like FullContact. It allows you to collect more enriched data of your contacts – like age, social profiles and other details. The person – based insights help you improve your interactions with your target audience. The tool offers the following solutions:

  • Understanding your customers
  • Finding data points/ insights into your target audience
  • Segmenting your audience
  • Improved service interactions
  • Enabling social services
  • Matching customer profiles (database and social)

2. Dig deeper into Twitter data

After you get the audience’s social data from FullContact, drop the list into social analytics sites like Demographics Pro. This will help you gather more demographics and psychographics on your target audience. The tool helps you influence and target the consumers that matter the most to your brand.

lead generation 1

Here’s what a sample 30 pages analysis of the social handle you enter, looks like:

lead generation 2

3. Look into Facebook Audience Insights

Once you have segmented your email list and have sifted through Twitter data, use Facebook Audience Insights to understand what your audience really wants.

Facebook has 1.2 billion users and that equals the amount of data that is available on the platform for research. Based on ‘what is going on’, Facebook can provide you with the most insightful demographic and psychographic data.

The platform also enables you to segment your data into various ‘highly specific’ groups, such as – men below 40 years with an interest in gaming, women over 25 who are frequent travellers, etc. The possibilities to target your audience on Facebook are endless.

Using Facebook Audience Insights is the best way to learn more about what your leads actually want – which is a very important part of lead generation.

4. Tally social analytics with Google Analytics

Yes, everyone makes use of Google Analytics to monitor their online efforts and keep a tab on their audience’s demographics. But when you’re collecting data for creating your personas, it might include many unknown traits that might confuse you in understanding what your audience is looking for.

And this why you must use a combination of services to collect data for lead generation campaigns. Tally all the information you gathered from social analytics with that of Google Analytics. Social analytics clubbed with search patterns and triggers, will help you create data-driven personas.

The idea is not just to create a ‘persona’ that you will address through marketing campaigns, but a ‘real person’ – only that he will be virtual.

Creating personas

Creating personas can be a tedious task. You need to ensure you have answered the who, why, what, how and other aspects while addressing your target audience. But while you dig into all that data, there are chances you might just miss an important question.

To make things a little easier, you can download the Free buyer persona template by HubSpot here.

The secret behind effective lead generation

Data driven personas and a compelling marketing hook!

An effective lead generation campaign is the one that knows exactly who it is addressing, why and what it has to offer. In simpler terms – data driven personas, what each of your segments are looking for and a promising solution that you can offer as well as deliver.

Using personas ensures that you spend more time converting qualified leads – because they are the ones who are more likely to turn into customers. But that doesn’t mean you let go of the others. You need to spend time nurturing all your leads to be able to turn them into long-term customers.

Here are a few smart tools that marketers use today to succeed at lead generation:

1. Unbounce

What is it?

A landing page builder and A/B testing platform for marketers.

How will it help generate leads?

Unbounce doesn’t just lets marketers build and publish landing pages without any IT support, but also lets them run A/B tests on them. A/B testing can be used to ensure you get the best results from landing pages, email marketing, advertisements, call-to-actions, etc. According to a study by Unbounce and HubSpot, A/B testing your marketing efforts can increase your lead generation efforts by 40%.

2. Qualaroo

What is it?

Qualaroo helps you target customers with surveys anywhere on your website, within a product or the conversion funnel, to uncover insights that result in winning A/B tests.

How will it help generate leads?

Surveys help understand the intent of your website visitors and recognise your ideal customers. This allows you to effectively address what your target audience is looking for and offer solutions that actually fit their needs. A campaign based on catering to the customer’s needs generates more leads than the one that is simply based on general demographics. You can use this tool in blog posts, social media updates and emails.

3. Exit Bee

What is it?

Exit Bee uses behavioural analysis of website visitors to convert them with highly targeted marketing messages and offers right before they exit the website.

How will it help generate leads?

Using disrupting pop-ups to collect the visitor’s contact information spoils the browsing experience. Exit Bee allows you to target them with exit intent overlays with compelling marketing messages, instead. These campaigns don’t disturb the browsing experience and increase the lead generation as well as conversion rate.

grow email list cta

4. Turnstile

What is it?

Turnstile is Wistia’s tool to capture emails by directly integrating it into videos.

How will it help generate leads?

A study suggests that using videos on a landing page can increase the conversions up to 86%. The tool allows you to add an email collector to every video you host on the platform. It also lets you choose when it should appear, what message it should show and other customizing options with your email provider. Since it can be integrated easily with several marketing automation and email marketing platforms, it is a must-have for lead generation.

5. HubSpot

What is it?

HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps businesses attract visitors to their campaigns, nurture and convert leads into customers.

How will it help generate leads?

HubSpot is the perfect tool to bring all your lead generation efforts to one place. It doesn’t just help you set up effective inbound marketing campaigns, but also a leak proof sales funnel. The tool allows you to store lead information required to pursue them for conversion, tracks and records all sales activities required to convert the lead into a customer.

Over to you

Have your lead generation campaigns been data driven? How have you been making use of all the data your target audience leaves online to successfully generate and close leads?

If you’re planning to dive right into data to create your personas for the next lead generation campaign, here are a few ‘must-read’ quotes by the experts in the industry:

lead generation quotes

image source: Impact

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