We’ve talked about having a great landing page a number of times before, but we haven’t really taken into consideration the various kinds of landing pages one can create for a business. Case in point being, video landing pages.

While using a video might seem really tempting – thanks to the storytelling opportunity it gives you, it isn’t necessary that you ‘should’ use a video on your landing page. Here’s taking a look at what kind of marketing campaigns and which businesses should use video landing pages.


What are video landing pages?

Quite simply, video landing pages are those web pages that have a video embedded in them. Usually these pages don’t deliver a full screen multimedia experience, but now they are being gradually experimented with, with some businesses.

Why should you experiment with video landing pages?

Apart from making the page look richer, using videos on a landing page have a number of benefits. Comparing them to their alternatives, here’s taking a look at some of them:

1. Captures the visitor’s attention and engages him instantly

The first rule of content marketing is that anything and everything you write should not just impart knowledge, but also entertain the reader thoroughly. The biggest challenge in increasing conversion rates is actively engaging the prospects. This is where videos come in.

Videos give you the opportunity to tap into the various emotional cues people respond to. This doesn’t just make it easier to engage the visitors, but also makes converting them easier. Be it a serious challenge you address or a comic way to introduce your product/service, videos landing pages are definitely better at it than the conventional text based landing pages.

video landing pages statistics 2

2. Serve as a value proposition in themselves

If the video used on the landing page actually provides value to the visitor, he is more likely to respond to it by converting. Hence, using a video that reinforces the value proposition of your business and engages the visitor at the same time, can result in higher conversion rates.

Since most businesses use the hero shot and title to make their irresistible offer, videos can be easily used to do the same. But remember to A/B test this theory! While including only the video might work for some businesses, for some, adding captions and descriptions alongside can really help the visitor make the decision to convert.

And most importantly..

3. Makes complex products/services look easy

If your product takes more explanation than just a hero title and a sub-header, you absolutely need to try videos. Video landing pages offer an excellent way to cover and explain multiple aspects of your product/service information in a short span.

Since the human brain processes visual content 80X faster, this helps you explain the most complex of value propositions easily!

video landing pages statistics


Video landing pages are definitely experimental and might or might not work for certain businesses. But here are a few we think should definitely leverage from them:

1. Businesses in an uptight industry

We’ve all been there. We see a landing page from a business in the B2B industry and try to consume all the ‘important information’ they have provided. But most of us end up just skimming through it because it is ‘so boring’. This is when videos come handy!

You could explain the most simplest of technologies or softwares in the most entertaining manner. Be it presenting the use case or using an animated video to showcase the features or the value proposition, no other alternative gives you this opportunity.

For example, Corporate360 makes use of animated videos to showcase their use cases. Since it is a B2B SaaS based product, listing down the features otherwise would be as boring as someone reinstating how important email marketing is, with the same sentence.

video landing pages 4

2. Businesses in an entertaining industry

Sometimes the product or the service you’re offering is so exciting that putting it in words seems to be killing the buzz! Another opportunity that can be tapped into with video landing pages. What you offer is already interesting, then why not give your landing page an interesting twist too?

For example, Giving Stage is a startup that offers a virtual platform to artists for raising charity for various causes. And to appeal to the creative artists, they made use of a video storytelling on their landing page.

video landing pages 3

Now that you know what benefits you could reap from using or experimenting with video landing pages, here are a few things that you must keep in mind:

1. A/B test the autoplay feature

No one would want a video or sound playing in the background while they’re browsing a website and looking for some specific piece of information. But there is also a chance that your play button doesn’t get clicked on at all – now that would be a total bummer!

The best way to know if your audience prefers an autoplay or not, is to A/B test it. Create two versions of your video landing page and let your audience data points decide what you should do.

2. Length of the video

The very next concern of businesses is to gauge what length of the video should they include on their landing page. There are two challenges that come in here – will the people watch a long video and the resources it would take to produce a long video.

But the truth is, if your video storyline is well crafted and you’re providing valuable information to the visitor, the length really does not matter. It could be a long video that walks the visitor through the challenges he is facing right up to how he could use your product to overcome them. It could also be a video that only includes what your product can do for them.

A good practice in this case too, would be to A/B test the video lengths. Create different lengths of the videos and test them. This will also let you know how long your target audience takes to convert. While we recommend something to the tune of about 90 seconds for a landing page video, we also recommend ensuring that you don’t bore the visitor. Keep it short if you think the content is becoming repetitive.

3. Positioning and size of the video

If you’re using the video as the hero title, well, it is obvious that it is going to be right at the top of your landing page. But if you plan to use the video somewhere else, you could totally experiment with it!

The only thing you need to make sure of when including a video is that it is easily visible, watchable and the CTA to play it is evident. Another aspect to keep in mind, is to choose the dimensions that don’t distort the video quality.

It could be a full page video like on this landing page..

video landing pages 2

Or one like this where there is enough spacing around the video and a contact form alongside it..

video landing pages 1

But again, like every other aspect of the landing pages, it is a wiser choice to A/B test the position as well as the size of your videos.

Every landing page varies from business to business and objective to objective. A video landing page needs to cleverly used only when a campaign gets complimented by it. But an important thing that needs to be kept in mind while designing a video landing page, is to optimize the video content.

Most of your target audience would be accessing your landing page from mobile devices. You don’t want to be offering them a bad experience, wherein they need to zoom in or out of a video, or reload the page twice to watch it.

Have you made use of a video landing page? What are your tips to leverage from it?

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