Good content marketing is hard to come by, but the importance of it cannot be undervalued. It can take your brand to another level and increase your customer numbers and their satisfaction.


Increases Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is especially important if you are a small business. Many people may not have heard of you and writing good content will shape a person’s opinion of your brand. The better the content, the more views it will receive, which will help generate leads and increase your brand awareness.

Gives People a Reason To Click

Having ads or CTA’s that are ready to click is helpful only if there is good content behind them. Creating new content for your buyer personas to read helps promote your company and converts leads into customers. It also boosts your rankings and makes it more likely customers will find your page.

Builds Trust

If you’re creating good, solid content, then you are building the foundation for a relationship built on trust with your customers. If your content is good and relevant your customers will think the same of your business, which is crucial to building trust with your customers. Trust is an important foundation of any business-customer relationship.

Keeps you Relevant

Posting on your website or blog will keep your page updated, therefore Google will see your company as relevant. Having a new post every week or so will not go unnoticed by Google and will improve your chances of converting more leads to customers.

Improves your SEO

As search engines such as google evolve and get smarter, they are able to recognise quality content even more. Having quality content will improve your chances of showing up at the top of search engines, leading to more traffic on your website or blog. The more relevant and important your content is the more attention, views, and shares it will get.



Doesn’t Get Old

Evergreen content can last forever and most good content can remain relevant for a long time. Since its on the internet it will continue to show up, as opposed to if it is in a magazine. It will be printed for a price tag but then when the next issue comes out it will become irrelevant. Your content marketing will always be on the web so if your customers have any questions they will have a direct link to you and your content.

Delivers strong ROI

Because good content marketing will remain relevant for years, the ROI on a great piece of content is usually excellent.  Whereas, a paid ad campaign could only be relevant for a matter of hours for many times the price of a blog post or more. Having good content is crucial to the ROI of your strategy.

Will Influence Consumers Decision Making

Having the ability to influence someones decision before their mind is made up is crucial to the content marketing strategy. Having content marketing makes the consumer feel closer to the brand and more likely to use your company.

People Will Share It

You can increase foot traffic on your blogs or website if you have good solid content on it. People will be more likely to share your posts if the content is good and relevant. The better the content, the more people share it, the more people see it—its just that simple.

Educates Customers

Customers want to know what they are spending their money on and quality content will do just that. Making sure the information is coming from the source will help your leads be converted to customers and make them feel secure they are well educated about what you are selling. Educated customers are happier customers. In addition, you have the opportunity to become the expert, which helps with the whole trust thing we were talking about before.

Social Media is Based on Content Marketing

If you have authentic, helpful content, your social media presence will flourish. In this day and age, social media presence cannot be undervalued. Having good content will get you re-posted, viewed regularly, and in the end, generate leads and customers.

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Solid, original content marketing will give your business what it needs to take it to the next level of marketing. So why not give it a try?

About the author 

Eliza Granahan-Field is a social media and content marketer at Blue Phoenix Creative. Blue Phoenix is a digital agency helping brands with branding as well marketing. You can follow or give a shoutout to Eliza on Twitter anytime for interesting marketing chats! 

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