Rocking out with new content on social media is exciting, you are always waiting for how many people are going to share, like, comment or DM you. But what if nobody is responding to your content? What if no one is even consuming it? What do you do?

Recently a potential customer messaged us on our Intercom and asked how do I get more engagement? He sent me his twitter link and literally he had more than 1 million followers.


I immediately thought: how is he monetizing on that? Turns out that he is not. He had a lot of zeros in the comment section, zero shares, zero likes.

You’d be surprised but low engagement is becoming more and more common as people automate the building of their social media audience.

If someone uses a tool that follows and unfollows hundreds of people every day the chances that they can touch every single person is very slim. So how do they still retain the engagement of their audience? How do they make sure that their social media audience doesn’t turn into a filibuster?

I’m going to show you 5 proven tips to boost your engagement and build an engaged audience from the get go.

Let’s get right into it.

Step 1 – Narrow Down Your Target Audience

In order to be successful you have to narrow down your target audience. Even if you have the best content out there, the best looking graphics and videos, it still has to relate to a specific subset of the population correct?

If your audience will be too broad then there the chances of them being interested in your product are slimmer than a highly targeted group of people reading about something that they are interested in.

For example –

Here at eClincher we cater towards social media managers and medium to large marketing agencies. So I made a list of all of the best people for us to reach out to:

  • People that follow social media tools (Buffer, Hootsuite)
  • People that follow famous marketing experts (Neil Patel)
  • People that follow online marketing blogs (Hubspot, Quuu, Social Media Examiner)
  • People that belong to online marketing societies or take courses (MarketingProfs)

Since all of our content is very specific any member of those 4 groups will be interested in it, consume it and engage with it on our various social media channels.

Step 2 – Master the Reach Out

Think of your followers as guests that are coming in to your space, your home or office, or conference room. You’ve invited them in, they clicked the follow or the like button, and now you have to talk to them!

Don’t let that awkward silence settle in.

Introduce yourself!

Here are several really easy ways to do this:

Answer any comments or messages that come in

You want to show your audience that you are a real person, that you care about their feedback, and probably the biggest reason to answer comments and messages is to show that you are always available.

Remember, the people that choose to interact with you via a comment or a message can turn out to be the most active people in your audience. You can make or break that experience.

Leave a comment on a follower’s post

Again, you want to have as much interactions with your audience members as possible.

Just don’t be a creep about it, don’t go and like every single post on their wall, it will look fake. Select articles that you connect with, read some of them if you have time, participate in ongoing discussions with the other people.

“Just being social with your followers, that’s the goal. That’s why they call it social media.”

Step 3 – Pick the Right Content Medium

Sometimes marketers can buy into the hype of the newest trend or content type that is going viral and try to replicate that. Unfortunately, it could be that their audience or social following does not prefer that type of content at all.

For instance, if you are more B2B and your audience is composed of upper level executives they might not care so much about catchy videos and colourful sales memes. They are probably going to look for articles or written content and will move on to the next article they see.

Make sure that your content type is right for your audience!

If you are going with visual content you have to know that your audience will enjoy that too. Here is a great article about visual content and it’s benefits.

Step 4 – Repurpose Your Content

Let’s assume that you’ve done all of the steps we outlined, you have a specific target audience in mind, you reach out to them on a regular basis, and you picked the right content type.

The next step is to use your content wisely, to repurpose your content to get more reach.

You can use a social media tool that schedules all of your content to all of your social media channels automatically. Those tools take your article and post it on to every single social media platform that you are currently using.

Remember that each platform is different, you will need to change your picture for instagram and add hashtags, to write less on Twitter, etc.

Also look for platforms that you haven’t used and post your content there.

For example:

  • Audio – if you are doing a podcast using iTunes, you should post everything on SoundCloud as well.
  • Written – if you write articles and post them on your blog and LinkedIn, consider using Medium, creating longer notes on Facebook, and writing longer stories on Instagram.
  • Visual – use Vine, Snapchat, and Instagram for your videos. You can also post them on Youtube or Vimeo.

Be smart about it, you will find new people on each platform and your audience will definitely grow. Check out this article for more specific content tips.

More people will reach out to you when they see that you are on a variety of platforms. It generates more social proof for your business.

Source: Hubspot

Step 5 – Focus your content more on storytelling than sales

The rule is 80% content focused on delivering value, 20% content on offering your product. That’s the golden rule of content.

If all of the links are about your product and you are trying to sell something all the time, on all of your social media, then people will not be interested in your brand at all.

You need to tell your story, offer value, post something interesting.

To Recap

If you are posting on social media without a strategy or a plan then chances are that your audience will not become engaged with your product. You might be able to build a large following Twitter or Instagram, but if the engagement is low then your social ROI will be low as well.

Use our five potent strategies to effectively engage with your audience and you will see a huge increase in your social conversions.

1) narrow down your target audience. Think of your ideal customers

2) Reach out to them often and regularly

3) Pick the right type of content

4) Repurpose your content and use more platforms

5) Focus on storytelling and the sales will start rolling in

Go out there and crush it! 🙂

About the author

Ben Kazinik is an inbound marketer for eClincher, the world’s most powerful social media management platform. He enjoys hiking, cooking, soccer, and visiting his family around the world. Email me at – [email protected]


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